Lana 'Crushes' Haters in Twitter Rant

The past few months have been rough for Lana. After getting squashed three times by SmackDown Women's Champion, Naomi, she now finds herself pledging allegiance to Tamina.

But due to her propensity to lose matches, Tamina doesn't want much to do with the Ravishing Russian. As this rejection mounts, so has Lana's frustrations.

Last night after eating her freshest pin, Lana got mocked by the live crowd and Twitter. And she's not having it:

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Oh, but this was just the beginning:

Right on cue, here comes a hater to get his "soul crushed":

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Not bad Lana. On a scale of 1 - Kevin Owens, she scored about a 4.7 in squelching a Twitter troll. Something tells me she'll have plenty more opportunities to defend herself.

Lana's in a tough spot - going from eye candy manager to full female wrestler. While her transition has been just fine (especially that finisher) she seems to have a natural ability to rub (fans and her peers it seems) the wrong way. In a ring with Beck Lynch and Charlotte Flair, she's simply outclassed - WWE may be guilty of bringing Lana to competition a little early. But, to her credit, she appears to be committed to making this work.

Right now it looks like she won't be on the SummerSlam card. Actually, it could happen to where pillars of the women's revolution, Charlotte, and Becky, could also miss the cut. It's a hectic time in WWE, but that's a great thing. But some very accomplished wrestlers may be on the outside looking in for the next month.