Read 'Big Brother' HOH JC Mounduix's Touching Letter From Home


Read 'Big Brother' HOH JC Mounduix's Touching Letter From Home

Watch: Naomi Rips Off Lana's Wig During WWE Event

When people point out that wrestling is "fake," they usually are criticizing the preconceived outcomes and make believe punches. But perhaps the biggest sham in all of the professional wrestling is Lana's hair.

During a show from Aberdeen, Scotland, Lana was on the wrong end of a highly embarrassing moment, thanks to Naomi. The former SmackDown Women's Champion snatched Lana by her "hair" and slammed her to the mat. Lana's body smacked the surface as expected, but to everyone's surprise, her hair remained in Naomi's hand.

Here's the actual footage:

While this was likely an intentional goof, that doesn't make it any less funny. Lana's stop, drop, and roll combined with Naomi's priceless reaction makes this a clip that needs to be re-watched.

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The Superstars are still having fun with it as Naomi seems to have a miniature alter ego that whispers evil deeds into her ear, like yanking out handfuls of Lana's hair.

While we couldn't hear all of the crowd's reaction, we can bet that the hilarious moment went over well. Who knows, maybe this becomes gimmick that Lana and Naomi start using on SmackDown. WWE house shows like this one have always been a place for Superstars to have fun and invent new ways to entertain the crowd. Afterall, un-televised shows just like this one are where the Peoples Elbow first got its start.

Photo Credit: WWE