Kristin Cavallari Accuses Jay Cutler of Alleged 'Marital Misconduct' in Newly Revealed Divorce Filings

Kristin Cavallari has accused Jay Cutler of "maritial misconduct" in new legal documents obtained by TMZ. The reality star claims she no longer feels safe sharing a home with her ex-husband due to his behavior. Further details are sparse in the new filing.

Cavallari and her lawyers wrote that Cutler "is guilty of such inappropriate marital conduct as renders further cohabitation unsafe and improper" in new documents filed on Monday. While Cutler himself filed for their ongoing divorce, Cavallari claims that it was his behavior that triggered the need for a separation. The filing also goes out of its way to head off any claims of "misconduct" on Cavallari's part, saying: "any misconduct alleged or implied against her in the complaint for divorce was in response to and/or as a result of misconduct on behalf of the Husband."

What "maritical misconduct" means in this context is not exactly clarified in the documents. Cavallari cites "inappropriate marital conduct" as the reason for divorce, along with the more common "irreconcilable differences." While Cutler previously listed their date of separation as April 21, Cavallari lists it as April 7 — the day they returned from a trip to the Bahamas.

In her filing, Cavallari is asking the judge to grant her primary physical custody of their three children, with visitation rights for Cutler. Culter, on the other hand, has asked for joint custody. Cavallari seems to suggest that Cutler is not cut out for that much responsibility as a parent.


"She denies that Husband has always been the available at home parent and primary caretaker of the parties' minor children. Wife would show that she has been the primary residential parent..." reads Cutler's petition, in part. "Husband has always been the available at-home parent and the primary caretaker of the parties minor children."

Cavallari announced her divorce from Cutler on Sunday, April 26, to the dismay of fans. The two were a beloved couple, both on reality TV and on social media. "With great sadness, after 10 years together we have come to a loving conclusion to get a divorce," their statement read. "We have nothing but love and respect for one another and are deeply grateful for the years shared, memories made, and the children we are so proud of. This is just the situation of two people growing apart. We ask everyone to respect our privacy as we navigate this difficult time within our family."