Kim Kardashian Reveals If Pete Davidson Will Appear in Hulu's New 'The Kardashians' Series

Kim Kardashian is opening up about what fans of her family will see when it comes to her love life while tuning in to her new Hulu show, The Kardashians. The reality star, 41, revealed in a new interview with Variety that while she has not filmed with boyfriend Pete Davidson for the show, she's not ruling anything out in the future.

"I'm not opposed to it. It's just not what he does," Kardashian explained. "But if there was an event happening and he was there, he wouldn't tell the cameras to get away. I think I might film something really exciting coming, but it wouldn't be for this season." That doesn't mean Davidson is off-limits when it comes to the show, as the KKW Beauty founder said fans will finally learn "how [they] met and who reached out to who and how it happened and all the details that everyone wants to know."

When it comes to her divorce from ex-husband Kanye West, the rapper did reportedly film early on for a part of the season, but Kardashian made it seem like most of their contentious divorce will occur off-camera. "Being in the public eye and having disagreements publicly is never easy," she told Variety. "But I do believe in handling it all privately. I believe in championing publicly and criticizing privately. I don't think I would ever criticize the father of my children on my TV show. That's just not really what I'm about, and I just don't think that would ever make me feel good."

Kardashian said she wants to be "really respectful" of what her children will see about their father and wants to "take the high road" with how she talks about her ex. "The reality is, we're always a family. We always will have a love and respect for each other. And even if there's moments where it might not seem like that, there are so many moments that are super positive," she shared. "I do think it's important for people to see that things aren't perfect all the time, but that they can get better. And it's not that I'm trying to just put out one thing in the world and not share – there are definitely moments where I've been tested myself. Things might take a turn, and then they always get back to good. And I would probably share that, but we haven't gotten to those episodes yet, and I would never say anything without communicating first and having that open dialogue."