Khloe Kardashian Slams Instagram Troll Over Question About Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods

Khloe Kardashian has had enough with people talking about the scandal involving Tristan Thompson [...]

Khloe Kardashian has had enough with people talking about the scandal involving Tristan Thompson and Kylie Jenner's former best friend, Jordyn Woods. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was clearly frustrated when a fan brought it up again on Instagram Thursday. The scandal happened in February 2019, when Kardashian learned that Thompson allegedly issued Woods at a party. Woods moved out of the home she shared with Jenner and the two have not been seen publicly since.

On Thursday, a Kardashian fan page shared a clip from the upcoming final season of KUWTK, in which Thompson talks about getting back together with Kardashian in a conversation with her older sister, Kim Kardashian. "So... is Kylie allowed to be friends with [Jordyn] again?" a fan wrote on the post. Khloe saw the comment and responded by insisting she does not have any say on who Jenner, 23, spends time with.

"I'm so sick and tired of this narrative that I control my sister or I dictate who she chooses to surround herself with," Kardashian, 36, wrote, according to a screenshot posted by Comments By Celebs. "Never once have I ever and I mean EVER told my sister who she can be friends with. She is an adult, who can do whatever she wants to do."

Kardashian said she supports whatever decision her sister makes, including who she chooses to be friends with. "I will always love, respect, and value my sister unconditionally!! She is my life partner and I will always respect what she chooses!!!" Kardashian continued. She later claimed she has "no ill feelings" towards anyone. "My heart carries no hatred at all," she wrote. "Unless you actually know what you're talking about, respectfully, SHUT THE F— UP!"

Thompson and Kardashian broke up after the scandal with Woods exploded, but the two reconciled last summer while quarantining together during the pandemic. Kardashian and the NBA player are parents to daughter True, who was born in April 2018, during Thompson's first cheating scandal. In the new KUWTK clip, Thompson told Kim that "some days are good" with Kardashian, but she was still apprehensive about getting back together.

"I think it's just mostly what other people are gonna think. I think she's totally fine. Otherwise, she wouldn't be hanging out with you 24/7," Kim told Thompson, notes Us Weekly. "We're never gonna get to the finish line, like, if you're trying to always please the masses," Thompson replied.

Woods talked about the scandal during an appearance on Red Table Talk in February 2019, and she recently spoke about what her life is like today during PrettyLittleThing's Behind Closed Doors podcast. "I think life is just about constantly evolving and constantly growing and becoming the best version of you," Woods said in November. "And as long as you're solid and the people around you are solid and everyone has the best intentions and everyone's genuine, there's not really a problem. I love meeting new people and, you know, I love people. … I'm very happy with the people I have in my life and that's just life. Everything comes full circle too."