Jon Gosselin Speaks out on Incident With Son Collin That Led to Abuse Allegations

Jon Gosselin is speaking out after 16-year-old son Collin accused him of physical abuse earlier [...]

Jon Gosselin is speaking out after 16-year-old son Collin accused him of physical abuse earlier this month on Instagram. After obtaining a letter from the County of Berks, Pennsylvania, Children and Youth Services stating that the report of suspected child abuse against the former TLC star is "unfounded," Entertainment Tonight spoke to Jon about the incident which led to claims from ex-wife Kate Gosselin that he is a "violent and abusive person."

After Collin alleged his dad punched him in the face and kicked him in the ribs in a since-deleted Instagram post, Jon explained of the argument between the two that led to the teen calling the police, "It escalated into something, you know, I had to restrain him and I've done that a couple times. I didn't think he would call the police but he wanted to get his way and the police did their investigation and there were no charges or citations filed."

Jon claimed that Kate hasn't seen her son in five years, and that he has been working to get him back to a stable state after he spent more than two years in an inpatient program for children with special needs. Following his release from the institution, Jon was granted sole physical and legal custody of Collin when Kate didn't show up to their court hearing.

"So now I find it interesting that she's so concerned about a child she doesn't even talk to," Jon said of the Kate Plus 8 star. "I mean, I find that interesting, so everyone can make their mind up of what she's trying to do." The former reality personality then alleged Collin's "main disability is PTSD," which "stems from the abuse of his mother."

"And that is documented evidential proof and if anyone wants to contest that with me, I have the evidence to back it up," he told ET. "I'm not worried about skating around the truth anymore ... nor anything that would deter from the truth." Jon added that if his ex "wants to drag it out" in public, she better "watch what she's saying only because it's only going to ... come back to hurt her in the end." The anger coming at him from Kate stems from her desire to return to TV, he claimed. "I think her motives are fame, money and those have always been her motives and getting herself back on TV," he said.