Kate Gosselin Calls Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin a 'Violent and Abusive Person' After Alleged Abuse of Son Collin

Kate Gosselin continues to speak out against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, calling him a 'violent [...]

Kate Gosselin continues to speak out against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, calling him a "violent and abusive person," after it was alleged that he was physically abusive toward their son Collin. Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE, Kate said, "I am done hiding and will say this unequivocally: Jon is a violent and abusive person." The allegations stem from a since-deleted Instagram post wherein Collin claimed that Jon "punched" him and then "continued to kick" him as he lay on the floor.

In her newest comments on the matter, Kate explained that she "learned of this incident from CYS, and through them, I was then read multiple reports — from the police report to Collin's statement to the police to the account of an adult eyewitness. They were all very similar, if not identical." She added, "Until I receive the letter from CYS about whether they've deemed the allegations founded or not, it's ongoing. My contact at CYS has not told me otherwise. If this doesn't qualify as assault, I don't know what does."

Notably, Kate previously stated that Jon was being investigated over the allegations, but Berks County D.A. John Adams told PEOPLE, "No charges or citations were filed as a result of that incident. We are not investigating at this point." A representative for Jon told the outlet that he "has never abused Collin. No charges have been filed against him, and there's no ongoing CYS investigation."

Gosselin and Jon share eight children together, with Collin and Hannah — two of the former couple's sextuplets — being the only ones that Jon has custody of. The former couple also share 19-year-old twins Mady and Cara. Jon was awarded custody of Collin after it was alleged that Kate had mentally abused the 16-year-old.

"I have to re-parent my kids," Jon previously said, addressing the allegations that Kate had been mentally and emotionally abusive to their children, specifically Collin. "A lot of stuff happened, abuse-wise, mental, physical. Even though they are 15, they might [behave like they're] 12. The mental abuse, the alienation, just the put-downs … Isolation is a huge one." Jon went on to say, "I make them join clubs and go to dances and football games. ... We all go to … therapy." At this time, Collin does not appear to have further elaborated on his abuse claims.