Jessa Duggar Owns up to 'Offenses' in Marriage to Ben Seewald

Jessa Duggar is sparking rumors that there's trouble in paradise in her marriage to Ben Seewald, as The Sun reported. On Sept. 8, she posted a lengthy message on Instagram in which she admitted that "offenses" have occurred in their marriage. Although, her caption also referenced how she and Seewald navigate these challenges and how they "respond to one another."

Duggar posted a photo of her husband putting together a pizza in the kitchen. Alongside the image, the former reality star reflected on her marriage. She began her caption by writing that she "married up in every way" and that she's "not ashamed to admit it!" Duggar went on to cite a passage from Josh Henderson's Catching Foxes that references marriage. The passage states that marriage isn't the epitome of "sweetness" because of a lack of "sinfulness," but is instead a "delight" because of "redeeming and reconciling grace."

"Truer words have never been spoken," Duggar wrote. "No marriage is perfect. At times, we step on each other's toes. Sometimes we fail to communicate our plans and our goals, or we overbook and run ourselves ragged." She added that they go through challenges just like any other married couple, writing, "We have differing opinions, and we have to talk through things and work them out. We speak hastily and have to repent of our thoughtlessness."

Duggar wrote that in their marriage, "offenses inevitably happen," but that it's how they deal with them that makes or breaks their relationship. She continued to include a passage from the apostle Paul and noted that her husband "daily models to me this Christlike love." In the comments section of the post, fans weighed in with their thoughts about Duggar's message. One individual wrote,  "Some marriages, depending on the individual personalities, are more difficult than others, causing daily frustration and mental fatigue. It requires a tremendous amount of will and energy to forgive, to be patient, to be loving, and to be quiet in some instances."


While some shared their thoughts about marriage, others had another topic on their minds — whether Duggar was pregnant. Several people wrote that they thought this post was going to serve as a birth announcement. Fans even theorized that Duggar was expecting because she recently posted a throwback photo. However, she later set the record straight when she replied to a fan to share that "no," she is not pregnant.