'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Pivarnick Arrest: New Details Surface

The MTV star is facing assault charges, while her lawyer claims it was a misunderstanding.

Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick is facing criminal charges for an incident that includes simple assault, criminal mischief, obstructing the administration of the law, and resisting arrest. According to TMZ, several summons were issued on Sunday.

No other details are available in the summons and confidentiality makes it so any information cannot be released. What is known, according to TMZ, is that something happened at Pivarnick's home and it is indicated that it was some sort of domestic incident. According to app.com, the police report sheds some light on the details of that night.

"[Angelina] did commit an act of obstructing by purposely running from uniformed officers in an attempt to run into a house, lock the door and prevent law enforcement to conduct a domestic violence investigation," A report from app.com read, pulling from the police report.

The unnamed victim suffered "bodily injury" due to the encounter after the Jersey Shore star allegedly hit him "with her hands/fists causing scratches, redness and complaint of pain to the victim's hands." She also reportedly caused damaged "under $500" to the alleged victim's vehicle.

Pavarlick's attorney spoke with TMZ and tried to clear the air on the situation. "This is nothing more than a very minor incident that was exacerbated by an adverse reaction to prescribed over-the-counter medication. We look forward to resolving this matter favorably and putting it behind us. Angelina is home resting and has no further comment at this time," James Leonard told the outlet. He also adds that the charges listed on the municipal summons are less serious than it sounds, though he didn't elaborate on any details.

Pavarlick is due in court in July to answer for the charges, so we assume more details will reveal themselves at that point. Her fiance, Vinny Tortorella, was not mentioned in any of the documents, so there is no indication he was involved.