Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason Slammed as Racist for Posting 'White Out Wednesday' Instagram

David Eason is being called out as racist after praising his "strong, white American brothers and sisters" on social media for what he called "White out Wednesday." The fired Teen Mom 2 husband was making a clear reference to Blackout Tuesday, a collective action taken by people in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on June 2 in which White people abstained from posting anything but a black square in an attempt to elevate the voices of people of color amid the ongoing George Floyd protests. Eason decided to share his thoughts on the movement almost three months later, sharing a white square on Instagram Wednesday.

"White out Wednesday because I love my strong, white, American brothers and sisters who are proud and not ashamed of their skin color regardless of all the prejudice against us right now!" he captioned the square. "We are being attacked by everyone, then some of you feel guilty for no reason. What did we do that was so wrong? All the wrongs have been righted!"

Eason's followers were not having it. "Boy, that racism shines bright," one person commented, as another quipped, "Annnndddd this is why u got fired." A third person disagreed, "Yhmmmmm your people stole lives, land, and cultures and oppressed colored people for hundreds of YEARS but go off I guess," while another added, "As a fellow white person... it’s not up to us to say 'the wrongs have been righted.' POC would beg to differ."

"Ugh time to unfollow," another commented. "Not everything can be about white folks. Everything was about you guys EVERYTHING. And just because POC non white are tired of getting the boot to the butt. You guys want to take that away too? People like you have always had the advantage. But YOU guys don’t see that."

Eason has been accused of racism countless times in the past, regularly advocating for wearing the Confederate flag and sharing racist rants against Michelle Obama. The former MTV husband was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2018 after going on a homophobic rant online, and Evans was let go last year after defending him for shooting and killing the family's French bulldog. Evans has also defended herself and her husband as not racist in the past, saying she once dated a Black man and that her husband had a childhood friend who is Black.


Evans got in hot water with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant stars Ashley Jones and Bariki "Bar" Smith during the worldwide protests of the death of Floyd, a Black man, in police custody, when she posted, "Well while all of you are rioting and destroying your precious cities, I'll be far far away on my boat away from all of you."

Jones shared on social media soon after, "You can post messages from 2019 acting like we’re all cool. You sit by your husband while he talks a ton of s— about women, race, LGBTQ, etc., You have the audacity to get on here and say 'oh everybody hates me and that’s why I’m not speaking on this situation.'" Smith added, "WE STAND ON WHAT WE SAID. They stand for straight bulls— ... Now it’s time for both of y’all to get fully canceled. Ya’ll ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!”