Jason Aldean's Cousin, Logan Crosby, Would 'Love' to Make Music With the Country Star After 'Claim to Fame' (Exclusive)

Logan Crosby couldn't be more grateful for cousin Jason Aldean's support, both when it comes to his reality TV debut on Claim to Fame as well as his country music career. Having come in as runner-up to Keke Palmer's sister during Tuesday's finale of the ABC show that asks celebrity relatives to both hide their own famous family member's identity while tracking down their competitors', Crosby told PopCulture.com he has big plans ahead outside the Claim to Fame house.

Before agreeing to sign on to Claim to Fame, Crosby revealed he asked Aldean two questions: "I was like, 'Look, Jason, do I have your permission to go on the show?' and then, 'Should I go?'" The "Dirt Road Anthem" artist answered with a laugh that those questions were "two different things," but gave him his blessing to appear on the show

The whole family has been "huge fans" of Claim to Fame from the start. "I'll get text messages during the show," Crosby told PopCulture. "I know one of the – I think it was a fashion show challenge, whenever we were kind of walking the runway. Jason texted me and he's like, 'Don't ever dance like that, ever again.' And I was like, 'Gotcha. Cool.'"

Being in a house without a ton of country music knowledge was a huge win for Crosby, but when it came down to the end, it was the Akeelah and the Bee star's sister, Loreal "LC" Palmer, who took home the win after guessing Aldean correctly. "I knew that she knew," Crosby said of the finale's climax moment. "They probably hate me, because when we were standing up there and [Palmer] said, 'Jason Aldean,' I was like, 'You're right.' And she was so nervous and I'm like, 'No, you're right. You're good. Just tell me when it gets down to three seconds so I can see what picture they used.'"

There's nothing but love between Crosby and Palmer. "We had talked in the house, and she has her three kids, and she's like, 'They all want to do music stuff, and you're a musician.' I was like, 'Look, with this prize money, go buy your babies guitars, and I'll teach them how to play,'" he recalled. 


Crosby has his eye on his own musical career now, with his single "If Jesus Was a Cowboy" available to listen to now and his new song "If You Ask Me" coming out soon. Crosby describes his musical style as "suits and boots" or a "stripped down, simple, classy country music vibe," which separates him from Aldean's "southern rock 'n roll cowboy vibe."

Aldean has been nothing but "supportive" of Crosby's musical ambitions as his younger cousin grew up listening to his albums, seeing him perform and dreaming of his own time in the spotlight. "It's always kind of been one of those things that, maybe we don't have the exact same style of music, but ... that would be awesome, doing a duet with your cousin. Or doing something with an album, I don't know, would be great. I would love that. That'd be a dream come true, seriously."