'I Love a Mama's Boy': Jason's Mother Blames Justina for Public Confrontation in Exclusive Preview

Jason's attempts to set boundaries with mom Annette when it comes to his daughter turns into a whole public confrontation in Sunday's all-new I Love a Mama's Boy. In a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of the TLC show, Annette tags along with Jason and his fiancée, Justina, as they take their toddler daughter to the toy store to reward her for potty training. While Jason and Justina remind the little girl she only gets one toy during their outing, Annette immediately bucks the idea, telling her that Grandma will also be treating her that day.

"So it's so important that Taylor only gets one toy and realizes that she's only getting one toy," Jason says to the camera of his parenting strategy, "because the structure and the rewards are something she needs to learn now, and she'll learn for the rest of her life, so it's pretty important to us."

While Justina encourages her daughter to pick the one toy going home with them, Annette keeps chiming in that she'll get Taylor whatever she wants. "Nope, Grandma, this is only Taylor's toy for being on the potty," Jason reminds her. "Next time you do a good job, Grandma can come back and get you something."

"No, Grandma gets to buy her something special," Annette pushes back, venting to the camera, "They tried to dictate to me what I can buy for my granddaughter. No, buy her whatever you wanna buy her and I'll buy her whatever I wanna buy her. It's never gonna happen that I'm gonna leave a toy store with one toy for Taylor. Why would any grandparent do that? It's silly."


While Justina and Taylor make their way away from the tension to the cash register to buy the little girl's reward, Annette attempts to grab some of the other toys Taylor was considering, only to be stopped by her son. "No, this is a reward system," he explains. "This is how we're training her to do this."

While Jason offers to let Grandma be in on giving Taylor the one toy, she isn't having his newly-found courage to stand up to her, blaming it on Justina. "I am not used to my son putting limits on me, being harsh with me," she complains to the camera. "I'm not used to any of that because, before Justina, he and I got along quite well." I Love a Mama's Boy airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. For more on the other super close mother-son duos from PopCulture, click here.