'I Love a Mama's Boy' Mother-Son Duo Get Stares During Couples Massage in Exclusive Preview

Annette's attempt to pamper her grown son Jason is getting a few stares when the two showed up at the spa for their mother-son couples massage. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Sunday's all-new episode of I Love a Mama's Boy, the extremely close pair catch up during a relaxing day of spa treatments, but Jason has something difficult to tell his mom.

"My mom and I love getting massages as our alone time and time to catch up," Jason tells the camera as the two check in for their couples massage. Annette adds, "Well, I just love our mother-son time, you know?" Putting on their fluffy robes and heading into the massage room, where two massage therapists wait to help them relax, Annette defends the unusual familial outing.

"When Jason and I go out on a date together, it's a great way for me to spoil him, because I can just see how hard he works," she says. "He's on his feet all the time. And he has his own family now, so that quality time together is less and less. So I make a point to invite him to things like a foot massage or a couples massage with his mom."

As Annette advises her son's massage therapist to use "really good pressure" because he works "really hard," the two women trade glances. "We have never had a mother and son come in together before," one of the spa employees tells the camera after the massages. "We've had moms and daughters." The other therapist chimes in that she is also a mother, but hasn't had this particular outing with her son. "I have a grown son, he's 23. I have asked him so many times to come to the spa. And the answer is always, 'No, mom, it's not for me,'" she said, adding a laugh. "So for me to see that, it was unique."


There's an underlying tension on Jason's side of the spa day, however, as he has agreed to relocate away from her for his job. "Kind of nervous to tell her I know that. She's not gonna take it well because we made the big move to come here to be close to them," he admits to the camera. "And we've made sure that we made the most of that. So, yeah, I don't know, it's just, it's gonna be interesting." Will Jason be able to break the big news to his mom? I Love a Mama's Boy airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. For more on TLC's latest programming from PopCulture, click here.