'Home Town' Stars Erin and Ben Napier Claim Daughter Helen Predicted Baby Sister

Home Town stars Erin Napier and Ben Napier's daughter correctly predicted the sex of their new baby, who will be born in just a few weeks. The couple announced they are expecting their second daughter during last weekend's episode of the HGTV series and managed to keep it a secret until it aired. While fans were kept in the dark about Napier's pregnancy, Helen knew the news right away.

"We told her the night we found out... and she was so excited, " Napier told PEOPLE this week. Helen also correctly predicted she would soon have a younger sister. "'Do you think it'll be a little brother or a little sister?" And she answered with complete confidence, 'It's a girl,'" Napier recalled. Ben then noted that Helene adorably pronounced the world as "gale" instead of "girl."

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Napier, 35, said the day they learned their new baby was a girl was "hilarious" because Helene performed a whole dance in a hotel. "We got the phone call and I said, 'Helen, guess what? It's a girl.' And she completely did this whole like choreographed performance dance in this hotel room," the HGTV star recalled. "And it ended with her like on the floor. She's very, very pleased with herself for predicting it was a girl. And if it were a boy, she would've been devastated, I think."

While Helen waits for her new sister, she is also recovering from two broken bones in her legs. She suffered injuries while playing in a park in January in Wetumpka, Alabama. The family was there to make their new spinoff, Home Town Takeover. Napier told PEOPLE Helen's accident "scared me to death" and noted her shin was "crooked." Helen wore a cast and boot for nine weeks and is back on a new bike with training wheels.

Napier and Ben shared their baby news in Sunday's Home Town episode. She also shared an emotional post on Instagram, where she noted how happy she was for Helen to have a sibling. Her caption included a message for parents who are hoping for their own babies. "Even in our celebrating, I’m thinking of the would-be parents waiting for their own babies," she wrote. "For many, it can be such a long and difficult journey and I pray for strength for you if that’s where you are. God answers in His own time, not ours, awfully hard as that can be. Sending so much love to y’all today." On Monday, Napier posted a photo of herself at work when she was 32 weeks pregnant. New episodes of Home Town air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET and past episodes are available on Discovery+.