'Home Town' Star Erin Napier Shares Sweet Message From Hospital Bed

Erin Napier is recovering following a brief hospitalization. The Home Town star on Sunday shared a sweet message from her hospital bed as she prepared for an overnight stay after undergoing a throat procedure, and Napier was in good company thanks to the presence of a long-time family friend.

Snapping a photo of herself from the hospital, Napier informed her followers that she was "staying tonight in the hospital after a throat procedure." Although an overnight hospital stay could be daunting, Napier went on to reveal that she was "feeling so cared for by an old friend." The HGTV star then revealed her family's decades-long ties to the hospital as she opened up about her close connection to the man named Rodney pictured next to her in the Instagram photo.

According to Napier, in 1975, her father "started the physical therapy program at our community hospital." Her brother then followed in his footsteps, becoming "a doctor of PT in the same department for 15 years." Rodney, meanwhile, "has worked at this hospital since I was a little girl coming to visit daddy. He and my brother became buddies, too."

"Through every one of my family's illnesses, tragedies and childbirths that have walked through these doors, Rodney was the man in the cafeteria that made you feel like family, who asked how everyone was and remembered them each by name," she continued. "I've never been so happy to see him as I was tonight, expecting a bowl of chicken noodle soup but getting a needed visit with an old friend too."


News of Napier's hospitalization was met with a flurry of messages from fans wishing her a speedy recovery, and the accompanying sweet message about her family's close relationship with Rodney garnered plenty of responses. Commenting on the post, one person wrote, "thank goodness for all of the Rodney's of this world. Fast healing thoughts sent your way." Another person commented, "get well soon and those family relationships are priceless and good for the healing soul," as a third fan responded, "we all need a few Rodneys on our side...feel better." At this time, the famed home renovator has not provided further updates about her recovery, which comes amid Home Town's planned midseason break. The popular series is currently in the midst of its sixth season.