'Home Town': Erin Napier Celebrates Personal Milestone Following New Baby's Birth

Home Town stars Erin Napier and Ben Napier are still in a state of bliss after welcoming their second daughter Mae in May. Last week, the couple marked seven weeks since Mae was born by cooking the "first real meal" since they added one more to their family. Mae was born on May 28 and joins their older daughter, Helen, 4.

Back on July 19, the Home Town Takeover star shared a photo of Ben's favorite dish, pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables and basil rice, that night. She assured her followers it was not a "styled and staged photo," but a real picture of the first real meal she has been able to make since Mae was born. "Our baby is 7 weeks old now, and it took us this long to figure out how to plan and juggle and cook a real meal with two small children under foot or in my arms," Napier wrote. "Since Ben was home early it wasn't even chaotic, and there was time for 2 (!!!) bedtime books for Helen. I am impressed and amazed by the wherewithal of moms with more than two kids, and I'm very proud we have made this baby ([winking emoji]) step toward normal days. Onward, moms and dads!"

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While last week saw this major personal milestone for the Napiers, there was also sadness. On Saturday, Napier shared a photo of Helen hugging their late dog, Baker. "All dogs go to heaven," she wrote. "We (and especially she) will miss Baker. Thankful for the 12 years he lived." As usual, Helen's face was not seen in the photo to protect her privacy.

The Napiers have been a mainstay on HGTV since Home Town launched in 2016, but they have been married since 2008. During an appearance on the At Home With Linda and Drew Scott podcast last month, the couple said they met at the University of Mississippi. Six days after she interviewed Ben for their yearbook, she decided they would get married, she told Linda and Drew Scott. They have "really seriously been together since that day in the yearbook room," Napier said.

Now that they are parents to two, the Napiers work romance into "really little things," Napier said. She always remembers to make Ben coffee before she does to bed. "I set up the coffee maker. I pick a mug and I try to think about what mug would he think is funny tomorrow," Napier explained. Ben keeps the romance going by writing a letter in the morning and leaving it on the nightstand. "It's those little things that — I mean the big shows of affection are fun too but in the last year... we haven't been able to pull that stuff off," Ben explained.


The Napiers have shared photos of Mae, but they always make sure her face is not visible. For example, one post just showed Mae's tiny legs. In December 2020, Napier made it clear that the privacy of her children will always be respected on her Instagram page after she saw trolls comment on Helen's hair in response to a now-deleted post. "I immediately took it down to be a good steward of my baby's image and protector of my heart," Napier wrote at the time. "Those comments and the people who make them are not welcome here. Full stop. If you feel you may be a person capable of communicating this way, please see yourself away from my account or I'll be glad to help you do that."