Heather Rae Young Jokes Trimming Tarek El Moussa's Body Hair After 'Flip or Flop' Scene With Ex Christina Anstead

Heather Rae Young recently made a joke about trimming Tarek El Moussa's body hair, after a Flip or Flop scene where he was called out by his ex-wife, Christina Anstead. In the clip, Anstead draws attention to El Moussa's manscaping, saying, "Oh my god, something’s different — you shaved off all your body hair." He laughed and replied, "We’re here to design a bathroom, not critique my beauty!"

Anstead then said, "Last time we were designing, your arm hair was rubbing me from here and now you’re like a bald kitten." To which El Moussa explained, "I know, it was long! It took like 6 hours. I had a weed wacker going, had to bring a couple gardeners in. They got my back, my chest, my arms. I look good though, you should’ve seen me by the beach yesterday." Young commented on El Moussa's post about the moment, quipping that she was the "weed wacker" in question. El Moussa replied to her comment, writing, "haha yes!!"

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El Moussa and Anstead split in 2016, with their divorce finalizing in early 2018. The former couple share two children together: 8-year-old Taylor El Moussa, and 3-year-old Brayden El Moussa. Anstead later married Ant Anstead, whom she is now divorcing, and El Moussa began dating Young. The couple got engaged in July, and recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about thier pending nuptials.

According to El Moussa the event will "small, less distractions, more intimate, better conversations with the people around us. You know, we just think smaller is better." They also are not inviting their exes. "We're planning sometime summer 2021. We have dates on hold," Young then said. El Moussa added, "Right now we're in between Cabo [San Lucas, Mexico] and California, so we don't know where it's gonna be, but it's gonna be one of those places."


El Moussa also shared a little about when he popped the big question, saying "I don't even remember asking her the question. I don't even remember her saying yes. I was pretty nervous." He added, "She has completely changed my world, you know. I say it all the time, especially on my social media."

The realty star went on to say, "I was a different person, living a different life and the day she walked into my life my life changed for the better, and I'm thriving and the kids are thriving. And honestly, I owe most of it to her. She's been my best friend, my ally." Young then added, "God, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to marry him. … I was scared when I first met him. I'd gone through awful relationships and when I met him [everything changed]."