'Good Bones': Mina Starsiak-Hawk and Her Demo Crew Get Help From Husband Steve Hawk in Exclusive Clip

While Season 5 might have just premiered last week, it's looking to be a very busy year of renovations for the Good Bones team as they welcome a new face to the demolition crew. On Tuesday's all-new episode of the HGTV series starring mother-daughter duo, Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk, the Indianapolis natives get a little help from Starsiak-Hawk's usual partner-in-crime, husband Steve Hawk, who picks up a sledgehammer. In the exclusive sneak peek for PopCulture.com of the episode titled "Mina's East Street Investment," Steve joins his wife and her crew for demo day, adding a loving vibe to the afternoon.

"I have the lovely, handsome, very strong Steve. He's going to be doing some demo with us today," Starsiak-Hawk says, to which her younger brother, Tad replies, "Oh, his shoes are nice." The 35-year-old emphasizes to Tad and the crew how those are not just shoes, but rather her husband's "work boots," admitting he "keeps his boots so nice." Starsiak-Hawk and her husband seconds later exchange a glance and then a quick kiss that leaves the team led by Tad attempting to stop them from carrying on.

"Normally demo day we walk up, we're ready. We're ants, we're ready to just get some destruction going. And instead of Mina and Karen, it's me and Steve and they just like, get this star crossed lovers," Austin said in an offside interview as Tad jokingly goes in for a kiss with him. "Yeah, that's pretty much what happened, and it's not your typical pre-demo day amp up."

Throwing it back to the demolition, the Indianapolis designer reveals to the crew how her husband is really "just here" for her before instructing the team on what to rip down to the studs. "The staircase we're saving. Upstairs I'd leave the carpet down for now because we're going to save the hardwoods so that we don't damage them as much," she said. "We can probably keep the doors. So maybe we'll take those off and put them down in the basement for now." Elsewhere in the clip, Starsiak-Hawk shares how her brother tried to take Steve under his wing, which she calls "a terrible plan because Tad usually is making poor decisions," but enthuses it was a "good brotherly bonding" activity for the pair.

With Tuesday night's renovation being another personal one for both Starsiak-Hawk and Steve — following Season 4's episode, "Mina's Forever Home" — the couple decides it's time to renovate and sell the rental property they shared to start a college fund for their son, Jack. Starsiak-Hawk and her mother, Laine, go on to create an "Urban Hamptons" retreat full of elegant marble, urban colors and beachy wood shake shingles.

Good Bones is heading in a different direction this year with both its aesthetic and sentiment as the Indiana-based renovation series will highlight a more personal side as Starsiak-Hawk shares her emotional IVF journey that results in a second pregnancy with her husband. The addition of such an aspect naturally means more appearances this season with Steve and their firstborn, Jack, which she told PopCulture.com earlier this month is something she loves seeing.

"I really like it! Obviously, Jack's a character," Starsiak-Hawk laughed. "The production team is his second family, he's grown up around them. He likes to go places with me and being in the scenes, and he's just a ham. Until he's old enough to be like, 'No, I don't want to go to work with you today.' 'Cool. Then you don't have to go.' But it's nice having Steve a little bit more involved too because I think he knows, I worked really hard and he tells me all the time how proud he is of me."


Starsiak-Hawk further adds how her husband realized the scope of filming her series only when they shot a renovation at her dad's house in Season 1. "That was the first time [Steve] said to me like, 'Oh, okay, I really get what you do now. It's intense, it's weird, and it's a lot of hard work.' It's nice having that understanding. More on Steve's part — it's just nice having him around. When he's been good, we like each other. We're lucky," she laughed.

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