'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Teases Big Surprises Ahead for Season 5 (Exclusive)

Between the immense success of A Very Brady Renovation and the upcoming Rock the Block, HGTV star, Mina Starsiak has been keeping particularly busy this year! The Indianapolis native is not only taking part in the two groundbreaking series, but is also hard at work with the fifth season of her own alongside mother, Karen Laine for their home-renovation show, Good Bones, which was recently renewed this past June.

With the mother-daughter duo buying crumbling properties in the quirky Fountain Square and Broad Ripple neighborhood, and then gutting them down to the studs for beautiful, functional homes, the pair have had their fair share of challenges along the way. But as Starsiak recently shared with PopCulture.com exclusively ahead of the Season 5 premiere set for summer 2020, things have taken a wild turn and are creating drama for the team.

"So, something has happened already — only a few months in — we thought we would never be surprised by anything, because all the terrible things have happened [but] a new terrible thing happened," Starsiak told PopCulture.com while promoting A Very Brady Renovation. "And I can't tell because it'll ruin it, but it's just completely shocking and ridiculous, and has put us in quite a pickle as far as budget and timing for one of our houses."

With the fourth season of Good Bones attracting more than 16.9 million total viewers and ranking at the Top 5 cable program among the 25 to 54 demographic, HGTV revealed in a news release from the network they would pick up 13 fresh episodes of their home renovation series. The new episodes are slated to premiere during the summer of 2020.

The show has also found incredible success as the second most streamed series on HGTV GO since its May 14 premiere, in addition to weekly clips posted to their social media accounts that have generated more than 5.5 million total views.

In addition to taking on the "nastiest houses" to date, Starsiak and her mother amplifed their distinctive style with the aid of an in-house designer this past season, whom the Indianapolis native told PopCulture.com is "incredible."

"It used to be a designer that the network hired and provided for us that was out of state. [But] MJ is local — we've known him for a while, and he's just wildly talented. It took about half a season for him to meld minds with mom and me," Starsiak told PopCulture.com this past May. "We would give him a couple of words like, 'This house is kindergarten chic,' which means nothing to most people, [but] he would know exactly what we wanted, and find the things and make it, 'kindergarten chic.'"

While Jeffrey might have melded with Starsiak and Laine, don't think that means, the mother-daughter team are now also one in the same.

"We're still very different minds. Mom's mind is a crazy place and that's why she comes up with all these awesome, creative things. My mind is crazy in a different way. We definitely need to keep our craziness separate," the 31-year-old laughed. "[But] we do know each other's strengths and weaknesses so much better now. Like, I know I can make this decision because mom's going to be on the same page, or I know if I make this decision, she's not going to be happy about it, so there's definitely that kind of mind meld that goes on."

Good Bones airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.


Photo credit: Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images