'Good Bones': Mina Starsiak Hawk Reveals Stunning Tattoo Tribute to Daughter and Late Sister-in-Law

Mina Starsiak Hawk recently paid tribute to two important people in her life in a poignant way. The Good Bones star on Tuesday, Oct. 11 debuted two new tattoos to her fans on social media, the new ink honoring her 1-year-old daughter Charlotte "Charlie" Drew, whom she shares with husband Steve Hawk, and her late sister-in-law, Stephanie Hawk.

Starsiak Hawk debuted the new ink in an Oct. 11 Instagram post via a series of two photos, the first showing "Charlotte Drew" tattooed in cursive letters just below the name of her 2-year-old son Jack Richards on her side. In a special tribute to Stephanie, who passed away in early 2020, Starsiak Hawk had the delicate outline of a heart tattooed onto her wrist. Reflecting on the new ink in the caption, the HGTV star said the tattoos — which she gave a special shootout to Shelby Raia, Adam Stoner and The Rue Morgue Tattoo Gallery for — were "for Charlotte Drew who was never supposed to be able to be in our world.... And for Stef, who should have never left it" and called them "simple and perfect reminders."

Starsiak Hawk and her husband announced that they were expecting their second child in March 2020, the same month that Stephanie unexpectedly died. Sharing the tragic news of Stephanie's passing, Starsiak Hawk remembered her sister-in-law as "such a bright light in all of our lives for such a long time," adding she was taken "way too young, far too soon for what I needed her for and far too soon for what my family needed her for." Six months later, little Charlie made her arrival, with Starsiak Hawk reflecting on the rollercoaster of a year in a January 2020 post.

"[2020] took Stef. And our ability to come together as a family to share our love for her as she so deserved. It took the joy from my husband that he had just managed to find again after losing his parents. Every celebration had a dark shadow over it, unable to forget the people not present. It took so much from so many people," she wrote. "But, it gave us Charlie. And every time I look at her I see Stef, for better or for worse. Some days it makes me cry and some days it's the bright light in a really s—y moment. Stef's gone, but I see her every day... and for that I am so grateful."

Prior to her passing, Stephanie made a handful of appearances in Starsiak Hawk and her husband's beloved HGTV series Good Bones. Fans also came to know her through family social media posts, where Starsiak Hawk also shares frequent updates about her children. The HGTV star's sweet tribute to her loved ones earned plenty of comments from Good Bones fans, who called the tattoos "beautiful tributes."