'Ghost Hunters': Brian Murray Previews 'Powerful and Emotional' Investigation With 'Last Mission' at Wendover Airfield (Exclusive)

Deep in the massive salt flats of the Utah desert, the Ghost Hunters take up a unique paranormal [...]

Deep in the massive salt flats of the Utah desert, the Ghost Hunters take up a unique paranormal case with an honorable investigation at the Wendover Army Airforce Base, a onetime station in the remote wilderness that played a crucial role in World War II. But with hundreds of men sacrificing their lives while testing top-secret weapons technology, including housing the B-29 Superfortress bomber, the Enola Gay, reports of frightening paranormal activity have raised recent safety concerns, prompting the team to investigate the claims.

In the season's antepenultimate episode, "The Last Mission," the team investigate reports of full body apparitions, footsteps, loud bangs and the vanishing apparition of a soldier. But considering team investigator, Brian Murray was a former Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant, the investigation is one incredibly close to the Illinois native's heart as he shares exclusively with PopCulture.com ahead of Wednesday night's episode.

"This is a very historical location that basically changed the course of American history, even world history and for me, especially and the team, it was a very powerful and emotional location," Murray told PopCulture. "We're there to do not only, just investigate the paranormal, but probably set these entities free from why they could still be remaining here. I feel like it's an accomplishment type thing, and that's why they're not necessarily still here or that's why they probably still remain. And I think we have a dual job here."

Murray adds that with the base being such an important part to America's legacy and one that played a pivotal part in the course of history, it was something that humbled him greatly being there with the team. "For me personally, this was monumental. These are the guys, the men and women that being a prior service member, these are the guys we looked up to. They were the heroes," he said. "This is what we were striving to be when I was in and to be able to be in the same space as what I consider heroes and be able to help them out — they've helped so many, it was just, it was unreal."

The paranormal investigator, who uses his military experience to help bring forth an organized and structured approach to every case further adds that the case is one that will stay close to him for years to come as it made him "emotional" for sure. "It was probably one of my favorite locations to ever investigate — show or not on a show — and just meant the world to me really," he said.

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