'Ghost Hunters': Brian Murray Opens up About Connecting Military Experience to Paranormal Entity at Landoll's Mohican Castle (Exclusive)

On Wednesday night’s episode of Ghost Hunters, Grant Wilson and his team of paranormal [...]

On Wednesday night's episode of Ghost Hunters, Grant Wilson and his team of paranormal investigators travel to Loudonville, Ohio to help bring peace to a family at the center of unexplained activity while running their hotel, Landoll's Mohican Castle. Plagued with a history of mysterious fires and eyewitness accounts highlighting a multitude of entities, the team embarks on a case that dives into the real nature of the series and their collaborative objective to help those struggling with supernatural phenomena.

In the fourth episode titled "The Cursed Castle," the team investigate claims from the family, staff and their guests, alleging several paranormal occurrences, such as seeing a dark shadow hovering over a bed, a woman with white hair frequently roaming the restaurant, and activity in the infamous Cabin 13, also known as the "Macbeth Suite," which includes voices of children laughing, footsteps, and sightings of a soldier.

Upon their findings in the investigation, Brian Murray tells PopCulture.com exclusively that when it comes to connecting with the diverse entities, it's important to remember they're just like us.

"For me, I look at these entities as just people like us," Murray shared with PopCulture.com. "And as a person that has been in the military and has been to battles and things like that, I feel like him or her and I, can definitely help each other out."

The former Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant, who uses his past military experience to bring forth an organized and structured approach to every investigation, adds it's all about mindset — especially when forming a connection with the entity in question.

"For me personally, there was a lot of military soldier-type things and that's what I like to attack or tackle because I was in the service myself, so I feel like I have a connection," he said.

At one point during the investigation, Murray and his co-investigator/best friend Richel Stratton, explore the Macbeth Suite where several guests have claimed sightings of the soldier and something pulling on the bed sheets. During their time in the suite, Murray makes a considerate effort to connect with the soldier through a thermal imaging camera while talking to the mirror, as several have reported seeing the entity this way.

"When I was looking into the mirror and doing that part, I didn't worry about cameras or anything. I was really trying to connect with this person because I felt this huge connection anyways," he said. "I've been to those places. I've been in that mindset and I felt like if there was anybody there that can help this entity, it could have been me or vice versa. If he could have helped me or she could've helped me as well."

Murray adds that such an approach was a "highlight" for him during their investigation.

"I really get into that aspect of it. They're just people and we're both military," he said. "We have something in common. Let's get this discussed and figure out how we move forward."

While Murray might consider that a personal highpoint in the episode, fans on social media were buzzing about the introduction of Wilson's team bringing in a forensic sketch artist to help identify the mysterious "woman in white" that several guests and staff have seem frequenting the restaurant. The implementation of this method is one Murray says fans will definitely "see a lot" more of.

"We are not going to be a team that just goes running around with an audio recorder and trying to catch entities' voices," Murray said. "We want to answer everything, so we're going to use every tool that we can to get into these locations and get these people the real answers."

Murray adds that he thought the technique was just "brilliant" and was pleased to see how it all panned out.

"It worked and you will see more of those types of things," he said. "To us, we won't leave and we will not stop doing what we're doing until we figure it out, or the client has a comfortable feeling with what we've given them."

At the end of the day, Murray is proud of the results in their investigation and the methods used.

"I think we did a good job in figuring things out and I felt like we gave them some pieces that they can look at, and obviously keep this hotel and castle going for a long time."

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: A&E Networks