'Ghost Hunters' Star Richel Stratton Teases 'Really Cool Evidence' With 'Alone in Alaska' Episode (Exclusive)

Ghost Hunters might be heading into one of its coldest investigations yet Wednesday night, but the team's journey to Alaska is one yielding some very real hot spots filled to the brim with paranormal activity. With the investigators back at it in an all-new episode titled, "Alone in Alaska" shot earlier this January, the team investigate a number of claims in the small, secluded town of Haines, Alaska — a town of a little more than 1,700 in the northern part of the state's panhandle, near Glacier Bay. Plagued with a history of death due to extreme weather conditions, starvation and bloody conflicts amid the Klondike Gold Rush between 1896 to 1899, the area has since been converted to an isolated hotel grounds, where staff and guests have now reported several frightening paranormal experiences.

Including claims of disembodied figures, voices and objects moving, the storied history behind the hotel has brought out concerns that prompts the team to investigate and explore the truth behind the accounts. In an exclusive with PopCulture.com ahead of Wednesday's fifth episode in its sophomore season, paranormal investigator, Richel Stratton opened up about the unique location that has never been explored before, admitting the team got a lot of "really cool evidence" from this case that fans will love, while anticipating a lot of results with their new tech.

"[Expect] more footage from the EMCCD camera," Stratton told PopCulture. "Obviously we are investigating with different team members as well, so expect that and to see some things that you maybe don't know how to explain."

With these past few episodes bringing about a long list of shock and awe moments for fans, Stratton goes on to share how she is extremely excited about the remainder of the cases this season. "We're going to locations that no one's ever investigated before. They're isolated from a real path, and like this one, we're definitely getting some really cool evidence I think," she said.

The Illinois native, who has been ghost hunting for a decade prior to joining the team last year, admits that there is something really special about visiting these sites and investigating with the team. "I've enjoyed finding all these little locations," she said. "They're not necessarily locations — they're unknown locations, places that we have not heard about before, and going in there and helping our clients — that's been an awesome experience."


Stratton adds that she and team, led by Grant Wilson, have been heading to a lot of "different places" they all never even knew existed. "Different towns that I haven't even heard of and getting the experience, that's awesome," she enthused. "Also, the new equipment that we have is epic. I love the EMCCD camera and the evidence that we're capturing on. That definitely is opening up our eyes to a whole different way of looking at a paranormal."

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