'Ghost Hunters' Star Brian Murray Teases Challenges and 'So Much Activity' With 'Nightmare Camp' Episode (Exclusive)

In playing right to the heart of its Season 2 theme, Ghost Hunters is back with an all-new episode tonight as the team heads deep into the forestlands of northern Colorado to the Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp to investigate unnerving claims from counselors, campers and staff witnessing unexplained paranormal phenomena. In the episode titled "Nightmare Camp," team leader Grant Wilson sends his crew to the never-before investigated site, first established in 1913 that remains one of America's oldest operating dance and theater schools.

However, with its storied history comes its fair share of unsettling encounters, including a ghostly figure seen roaming the grounds, disembodied voices yelling at workers, tools thrown off shelves, whistles heard in the basement, a "girl" appearing at the foot of a bed, and just the legs of someone running across a stage. Naturally, to capture some solid paranormal activity, the hunters will have to employ a creative tactic that will trigger some unexpected results bound to wow audiences. Ahead of tonight's episode, paranormal investigator, Brian Murray opens up exclusively to PopCulture.com about the episode airing Wednesday night, admitting there's a lot more to this case than we think.

"We're going into a location that's got a rich history of being just amazing. People really loved each other there and they did all these awesome things and people continue to send their kid there. But then they started to get a little worried because of these claims," Murray tells PopCulture. "What I think people can expect [tonight] is the isolation — we're out there in the middle of nowhere. You can't really get anywhere. It's snowing, it's cold."

Murray goes on to share that fans will see Wilson also send his team off to survey the location for night one, joining up with them the next evening after they've collected a fair amount of data. "Grant has basically sent us out to do the work before he shows up and putting all that confidence and trust, and so we're amped up with feeling good and there is so much activity that goes on at this location that it's probably one of the most active places that we've been through," Murray said. "I know it is for me, for sure."

With the team basically being in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by acres of snow and trees, Murray admits tonight's case was definitely a challenging one for all seven members. "The environment was a huge challenge. It was extremely cold," he said. "We had to walk to each of these locations and this is a campground, so it wasn't just like 10 feet away each building. We had to walk through the snow. It was like, 3 degrees out. The buildings were cold because there wasn't heat in some of these buildings."


Murray says though that as soon as activity began coming through, it was all forgotten. "We kind of forget about that [then], get in the mood and do what we're supposed to do," he said. "But it was a challenging one. Not only being out in the middle of nowhere, the weather, the cold. Yeah, it was definitely challenging. But we were up for the test."

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