Duane Chapman Posts Dramatic Photo Filming 'Dog Unleashed' With Son Leland to Promote Streaming Service

Duane "Dog" Chapman recently posted a dramatic photo of himself and his son Leland filming their new series, Dog Unleashed. The image, which Chapman used to promote the new Unleashed! streaming service that his show will be part of — sees both men suited up and presumably on the hunt for a dangerous individual. Notably, Leeland has his hand placed on his firearm, which could indicate the pair were approaching a risky situation.

Unleashed! is a new streaming service that will focus on justice-based content, such as Chapman's new show. In Dog Unleashed, fans will get to see the iconic bounty hunter and his team track down people who are alleged to have committed crimes such as rape, murder and child molestation. This is slightly different from his previous shows, as he is not just hunting down bond-skippers this time. The Unleashed! service will feature other types of programming as well, but no other specific series have yet been revealed.

In a recent Instagram post, Chapman laid out the details for Unleashed! and explained how fans can sign up. He stated the full streaming package costs $9.99 per month, providing fans with all the shows and programming. He also revealed another package option that comes with a "Zoom call, which is charged by the year. You do not need this package to subscribe to the network." He clarified, "For $9.99 a month, you get the app, streaming of every one of Dog's new episodes, plus lots of other programming, updates etc. Streaming the show lets fans all over the world see it."

"Anyone with internet can watch, just like Netflix," Chapman added. "You sign up for a network of [shows], not just one show. Cable is expensive and restrictive. This is Dog coming right at you. Streaming is here and is the future. You can subscribe now which includes 3 free months at www.dogunleashed.com."

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Chapman went on to say that if subscribers have "any questions", they can use the "Contact Me" section of the website to reach out. He went on to share, "Unleashed! will provide viewers with a wide range of content from true crime, investigation, unscripted and documentaries, as well as live court programming, social commentary and the ability to network friends and online contacts into content." Unleashed! will officially launch Jan. 1.