'Doubling Down With the Derricos': Karen and Deon Derrico Share an Update on GG Ahead of Season 4 (Exclusive)

Karen and Deon Derrico are thanking fans for their prayers as they reveal that Deon's mom, Marian "GG" Derrico, is doing "amazing" following her cancer treatment. The Doubling Down With the Derricos stars opened up to PopCulture.com ahead of a brand new season of the TLC show – premiering Tuesday, May 30 – sharing an update on the beloved grandmother to their 14 kids and giving fans a sneak peek of everything to come in Season 4.

Asked about his mother's health, Deon joked, "She's still getting on my nerves," adding that "as long as she's getting on my nerves, everyone should know she's doing great." Everything has been going "great" with GG's health, the Derricos continued, but it wasn't an easy journey to get where she is today. "We had, of course, some challenges – some of which you guys will see in this upcoming season – but overall, she's doing good, and that's [thanks] to all the prayers," Deon shared. "We're so thankful to all the people that have reached out to us and sent us private messages telling us how they're praying for the family, and they're praying for GG. Those prayers work."

With GG on the mend, Karen said the family can "definitely exhale" after spending so much time holding their breath in fear. "When she's getting on your nerves [now], you're like, 'Hey, I'll take that stubbornness and all of the above,'" she teased. "Because we're just so grateful that every day that we have her here and she's doing amazing."

In addition to GG's health journey, Doubling Down With the Derricos fans will see the family as they attempt to find a bigger home, all while Karen starts a clothing line and Deon is contacted by a young man who could be his late brother's son. "It really had a very strong emotional hold on both GG and I because, of course, as you follow the story, he's potentially my brother's son, and my brother, unfortunately, passed away way too soon – about three years ago – and he passed away not having met this young man," Deon explained.

As Deon and GG decide what to do about their possible new relative, the situation "really pulls on your heart," the TLC personality explained. "We never thought we would find ourselves in the position to have to decide or find out if this young man is, in fact, our family, and if he is our family, how do we deal with those emotions? Where do we compartmentalize those emotions for having been placed in such a situation?" Deon noted in an aside to the viewers, "You guys have a lot to not only see but learn," adding that his family "learned a lot in this season just from this situation alone." Season 4 of Doubling Down With the Derricos premieres Tuesday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.