'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Garry Chapman Hospitalized With Concussion, Multiple Fractures After Four-Wheeler Accident

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman said his son Garry Chapman was hospitalized last month after a scary accident on a four-wheeler. The 19-year-old suffered a head injury and was just released from the hospital last week, Dog revealed. Garry is the youngest son of Chapman and his late wife, Beth Chapman. Chapman's fiance Francie Frane told The Sun it was her son Greg and his wife who took Garry to the hospital and drove him home after he was released.

Frane said Garry suffered a "slight fracture in his tailbone and a slight concussion." She said her son and daughter-in-law are "taking care" of Garry and they are "building a great relationship." In the same interview, Chapman said Garry is like a "little Beth" and was not too sure about Frane at first. However, Garry now "takes to Francie more than" Chapman, he said.

Although Garry has not mentioned his accident on Instagram, he did share a tribute to his mother on June 26, which marked the one-year anniversary of Beth's death. He revealed how much he missed his mother's advice. "You always knew the path I was on and where it lead which helped you give me invaluable advice," Garry wrote, alongside a black and white photo of his mother. "To think I've not been able to lean on you for a year now makes me uneasy; but if your lessons taught me anything I can't stop, I must keep going, until my dreams are a reality."

Chapman and Frane organized their own private tribute to Beth at one of her favorite spots along the South Platte River in Colorado. The Dog's Most Wanted star filled one of Beth's rafts with flowers and a photo of her, then set it down to float in the river. "In a lot of religions and a lot of beliefs, they mark it as a tradition on the one year date that someone has passed away," Chapman told The Sun. "So sticking with tradition we are having this memorial for Beth Chapman."

Frane and Chapman began dating earlier this year, after connecting over their shared loss of a spouse. They announced their engagement in May. Garry has not publicly commented on the engagement, but his older sister Bonnie was among their father's strongest defenders. A handful of social media users criticized Chapman for getting engaged just 10 months after Beth's death, but Bonnie said her father "deserves to be happy" and said he will never forget Beth.


"Francie is a wonderful woman, as usual, no one can replace my mother; but it's okay to let new people in," Bonnie wrote in a comment published on Chapman's Instagram page. "Life is filled with so much sorrow and hurt, in times like this is when love is found unexpected. For those who claim to know my mother's wishes: please remember that we as a family went through every excruciating and painful detail of what was next. I had this talk with her, my mother had so much love for my father, she would never want him to be alone." Bonnie added that Beth wanted Chapman to "be happy no matter what."