'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Posts 'Great Weekend' Photo for Fans Alongside Fiance Francie Frane

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman is walking into the weekend with fiance Francie Frane. Chapman wished his fans a great weekend in a new Instagram post published Saturday evening, alongside a photo of the two running an errand together. The Dog's Most Wanted star hopes to marry Frane in a huge ceremony open to all his fans, but plans have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Have a great weekend!" Chapman wrote in the caption, alongside the photo. More than 7,000 fans liked the picture within three hours after it was posted. It is not clear when the photo was taken, but it does show Chapman looking slimmer. In an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz last month, Chapman said Frane is helping him create healthier habits. She "took like 40 lbs of food out of this house," he said on The Dr. Oz Show.

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"I don't really like to eat what she eats. It's grass, it's dandelions, but I hold my breath and get water and ice and eat it and drink it," Chapman told Oz. He might not like eating so many vegetables, but it has helped him physically and mentally. "I can tell a lot of difference in my attitude even," he said. The couple met last year, following the death of Chapman's wife Beth Chapman in June 2019. The two connected over their mutual loss of a spouse, as Frane's husband died from cancer recently as well.

Although Frane is not a bounty hunter herself, Chapman took her to Virginia when he filmed an episode of the upcoming series Dog Unleashed. Chapman said hunting came naturally to Frane. "I know she's a hunter. [She] and her two sons have hunted bow hunt, so they track, they look for things that the prey leaves behind. And so she's kind of a natural," Chapman said, noting how Frane excelled at keeping track of leads and clues.


Chapman and Franegot engaged in May. The reality TV star is hoping to turn their nuptials into a major event, but the coronavirus has other ideas. He told the Daily Mail he wanted it to be open to all his fans. "I want to have a wedding that anyone can come for free and try to set a record. So we're negotiating there. It seems like no," Chapman said last month.

This week, Chapman stopped by Tom Green's podcast, where the host asked him about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Chapman did not call out police, instead of saying it was a "pity" that deaths at the hands of police officers continue "happening across" the country. "Every cop is not like that. It's a small percent. There are dang good cops in America … and there's a few rotten," Chapman said. "There's a few priests that are rotten. So you can’t hold it against every cop, but we all know which cops do it."