Duane 'Dog' Chapman Wants to 'Set a Record' with Big Wedding to Francie Frane

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman wants a wedding that is so big it will set attendance records. That sounds like a tall task in the coronavirus pandemic era, so Chapman and his fiance, Francie Frane, still have no date set. Chapman hopes the wedding can be open to all his fans, which is hard to do while following social distancing guidelines.

"We are talking about a few different dates and we are starting to plan. It's a little difficult with all of the COVID going on or trying to have more than 20 people in a place," France said in a new interview with the Daily Mail. She joking said Chapman "has that many kids!" In reality, Chapman has 12 children, including his Dog the Bounty Hunter co-stars Leland Chapman and Lyssa Chapman. Frane will be Chapman's sixth wife. "I want to leave it open," Chapman told the Daily Mail. "I want to have a wedding that anyone can come for free and try to set a record. So we're negotiating there. It seems like no."

Chapman has been talking about having a huge wedding with Frane since the two announced their engagement in May. He told The Sun it would be the "biggest wedding there's ever been" and promised his fans "one hell of a party." The Dog's Most Wanted stat said he wanted there to be an open invitation to his fans, whom he dubbed the "Dog Pound."

"I would love to have the biggest wedding there's ever been," Chapman said in May. "I'm sorry but that's just me. I hope I can talk Francie into it and open it to my fans, the 'Dog Pound,' to everybody. It would be one hell of a party and it's just what people need right now. I told Francie, people they need a little love after being locked down. I love the idea of that."


Chapman and Frane announced their engagement less than a year after the death of Beth Chapman in June 2019. He and Frane bonded over their mutual loss of a spouse, as Frane's husband Bob died several months before she started dating Chapman. In a recent Entertainment Tonight interview, Frane said the two are both still grieving and they will never forget their deceased spouses. "We thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives with them and that's not what happened and we were dealt a really hard hand," Frane said. "Both of us had a decision to make – are we going to rise up from the ashes and get back to life and what Beth and Bob would have wanted from us?"