Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals Daughter Lyssa's Reaction to New Fiancee Francie Frane

Duane "Dog" Chapman and fiancée Francie Frane are seemingly winning family and fans over one day at a time. At first, fans and Chapman's own family thought he moved on too quickly following the devastating death of his late wife Beth Chapman. However, Frane seems to be a perfect fit for Dog the Bounty Hunter following the death of her husband as well. In an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Chapman revealed his daughter Lyssa's first impression of Frane compared to what she thinks of her now.

"So, when I told her [Lyssa], she goes, 'Yeah, well just don't get too excited 'till we all meet her,'" Chapman explained after Dr. Oz asked what his kids, specifically, Lyssa, thought about Frane at first. However, the reality television star went on to explain that his daughter had a much different reaction after meeting his fiancée. "And then we brought Lyssa for a couple weeks from away to Colorado and stayed at the house and Baby Lyssa got up one of the mornings and started texting me, paging me, 'I wanna see you in the front room' I thought, 'Uh oh.' And she's like, 'Dad, my God, don't you lose this woman.'"

Chapman also mentioned in the interview that he's lost 20 pounds since being with Frane. "I don't really like to eat what she eats. It's gross," he explained. "It's dandelions, but I hold my breath and get water and ice and eat it and drink it." He noted that despite his dislike for her diet, he did say that he's incorporated more vegetables to his diet and says the change is physically and mentally noticeable. "I can tell a lot of difference in my attitude, even."

The two announced their engagement in May after losing his wife in June 2019. Frane also lost her husband to cancer and that's what bonded the two. Recently, Chapman and Frane did an interview together and told their fans that they don't anticipate on moving forward by forgetting their late spouses, instead, they want to honor them and continue to remember them. Since Beth sat next to Chapman for so many years on his bounty hunts, he decided to take Frane on one as well.

"I know she's a hunter. [She] and her two sons have hunted bow hunt, so they track, they look for things that the prey leaves behind. And so she's kind of a natural," he said. "She just fit right in. She started getting leads and writing them down, so there's more than just tracking and hunting."