'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Says Fiancee Francie Frane ‘Fit Right in’ During First Hunt: 'She's Kind of a Natural’

Dog the Bounty Hunter can't help but gush over fiancée Francie Frane and her bounty hunting abilities. In a preview of Duane "Dog" Chapman's interview with Dr. Oz on The Dr. Oz Show next week, the reality star said his wife-to-be was a "natural" for the family business after going on her first bounty hunting trip.

"I know she's a hunter. [She] and her two sons have hunted bow hunt, so they track, they look for things that the prey leaves behind. And so she's kind of a natural," Chapman said in the preview, first published by PEOPLE. "She just fit right in. She started getting leads and writing them down, so there's more than just tracking and hunting." Frane excels at "the investigation behind the investigation," he continued, calling her "really, really good" at poking around.

Chapman and Frane revealed they were engaged in May, less than a year after he lost wife Beth Chapman to cancer in June 2019. Frane had also lost her husband to cancer recently, which is how the two initially bonded when the two initially met. To Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, Dog defended moving on from Beth so quickly, saying he was "dying of a broken heart" after her passing.

"We're both still grieving. We're never going to leave Bob and Beth behind [or] forget about them. They'll always be a part of us," Frane explained of their connection. "We thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives with them and that's not what happened and we were dealt a really hard hand. Both of us had a decision to make – are we going to rise up from the ashes and get back to life and what Beth and Bob would have wanted from us?"

She added that she definitely sees where critics are coming from, as Dog and Beth "built a legacy" over their years of bounty hunting, but urged them to see their relationship as a blessing from God. "So, I do understand, ‘How could you do this so quickly?’ We didn't expect this either," Frane continued. "My son thought I was going to run off and be a missionary in Africa just not to deal with life without Bob anymore. Neither one of us were expecting what happened, but God brought us together and how it fell into place was a miracle."