Dog the Bounty Hunter Confirms Wedding to Frances Frane in Official Fashion on Instagram

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman is a married man once again. The reality star confirmed the news on Instagram, sharing a photo of his marriage license to Frances Frane with the caption "It's official!!!!" but he eventually deleted it. However, he also shared a photo with Frane in their wedding outfits with the caption "Yes knot is tied !!" The ceremony took place in Colorado Springs at an estate called The Pinery At the Hill on Sept. 1. Days after exchanging vows, TMZ has released photos from the pair's wedding day, giving fans their first look at the newly married couple.

In photos and videos obtained by TMZ, fans can see Chapman and Frane embracing during the ceremony. The two can be seen exchanging a kiss in front of their loved ones in the venue. The reality TV personality took a break from the festivities at one point as he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette while enjoying a drink.

While it may have been a day to remember for Chapman and Frane, the situation hasn't been without family drama. Before Chapman and Frane married, Chapman's daughter Bonnie Jo Chapman and Beth Chapman's daughter Cecily Chapman claimed they were not invited, with Bonnie alleging that she was not invited becuase she supported the Black Lives Matter movement. Lyssa was one of Duane's strongest supporters though, insisting her dad is not racist. In her new statement, Lyssa said Bonnie and Cecily are being "conned" by the people they live with.

"Sooo you guys are seeing a lot of family drama today," Lyssa tweeted on Thursday. "If you have a family you know that it's dirty, messy and 3 sided. Some things are truths are some are lies. Well, here is my family who's currently being ripped apart by a dangerous and evil, duo but it not my sisters it's the people they LIVE with. So I'm not surprised they are attacking me and my dad with lies and fake photos. BUT these are my family."

"They try to make me so angry that I fight back, trying to hurt my baby sisters publicly," Lyssa continued. "You caught me slipping for a minute but I gathered my emotions and turned that anger into love and direct my attention to the real enemy. It's not Cecily or Bonnie, it's the people they are living with and being conned by. I know we will be family again and no matter what I love you my sisters."

This is not the first time Lyssa suggested that a third-party is influencing Bonnie and Cecily's public comments. On Aug. 23, Lyssa claimed there were "ex-business partners of my father" who were putting these ideas in Bonnie's head. Lyssa was not specific about who she was referring to, but she may have been referencing the situation with Dog Unleashed. Producers canceled the show just days before it was supposed to debut on a new streaming platform because Duane allegedly violated "contractual obligations" and was accused of racism and homophobia during production.