Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter Bonnie Chapman Claps Back at Sister Lyssa Defending Him Amid Family Feud

As the latest update in the Dog the Bounty Hunter's family drama, daughter Bonnie Chapman fires [...]

As the latest update in the Dog the Bounty Hunter's family drama, daughter Bonnie Chapman fires back at sister Lyssa Chapman over a post she made in support of her father amid several allegations Bonnie made against their dad. Lyssa attempted to show their father in a different light on Wednesday, sharing a photo of Duane "Dog" Chapman himself visibly tearing up while speaking with a fan on one of their visits taking Beth to the hospital for her throat surgery.

Lyssa went on to warn her followers on social media earlier this week, telling them, "Do not listen!" "Bonnie and Cecily are loved by our family," she continued, saying, We are heartbroken that bad people are using them to get revenge on Dad." The Chapman sister believes the accusations Bonnie has hurled at their father are due to some outside forces at play. "Everything Bonnie is alleging has been put in her head by ex-business partners of my father who are angry they couldn't ride his coattails any longer. Dad quit when he realized they were con men," she said, referring to Duane's firing from Unleashed Entertainment. Bonnie continues to work with the streaming service on a series focusing on social justice named The System.

"They said they fired him to save face and then started grooming two of his daughters as revenge. I believe these people influencing my sister are of a Cult Mentality and my sisters have been indoctrinated," Lyssa added. She went on to negate Bonnie's claims that their father is homophobic, sharing that she, herself, is a part of the LGBTQ community and their father has "never shamed [her]." "They are being used as pawns and disgracing their Mothers legacy and their father's reputation at the hands of other people." Bonnie responded to her sister's message with a since-deleted response on her own Instagram story, sharing some words from her sister's own autobiography, Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos.

Lyssa wrote in her memoir about the few times she knew her father had affairs on her own mother, Tawney. "After a few days or weeks of taking care of us during the day (and at night when Dad was out of town), each nanny somehow began sleeping in Dad's room," Lyssa shared. "I remember praying out loud, 'Dear God, please don't let Dad screw the nanny,'" Lyssa's memoir reads. "Several days later I woke up and find my beloved nanny sleepily coming out of Dad's bedroom, and I was heartbroken that God hadn't answered my prayer." In addition to the post, Bonnie included the words "posting in case someone forgot what they wrote in their own book."