Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughters Reveal They Weren't Invited to His and Francie Frane's Wedding

Duane 'Dog' Chapman is set to marry fiancée Francie Frane very soon — but without the presence [...]

Duane "Dog" Chapman is set to marry fiancée Francie Frane very soon — but without the presence of two of his daughters. Bonnie Jo Chapman, who is Chapman's daughter with his late wife Beth Chapman, and Cecily Chapman, who is Beth's other daughter and Dog's adopted daughter, told TMZ that the Dog the Bounty Hunter star did not invite them to his and Frane's September wedding.

While the two women say they aren't completely sure why they weren't invited, Cecily, 28, did share her theory that perhaps she and Bonnie, 22, remind Chapman too much of their late mother Beth, who died in 2019 of cancer at the age of 51. Cecily said she and Bonnie are perfectly "fine" with Chapman moving on and remarrying, so she is inclined to think that it has to do with how Chapman is feeling.

"What I'm seeing personally is that my dad is having a hard time dealing with the fact that maybe he's not gonna be able to replace my mom and that maybe me and Bonnie bring out a lot from my mom and that he sees our mom in us," Cecily told TMZ. "I feel like that scares him. Yes, he can move on, yes he can get married again — that's not the problem. I think he's just scared that we remind him too much of our mother."

Cecily added that she and Bonnie think Frane is "a great lady" and have no problem with Chapman remarrying. "Me and Bonnie, we've always been pretty fine with it," Cecily said. "She's never done anything to us, so that's why I think this is more of a personal thing with my dad towards us girls because we do resemble my mom a lot – like, a lot."

She wondered if "their direction" had anything to do with the snub, saying, "Especially with where our direction is going — Bonnie is doing protests and she's getting out there and being an activist. ... If you knew Beth, you know that she was actually like that." Cecily revealed that she is putting together a docuseries to remember Beth, saying, "I just want my mom to be honored in the best way she can. If my dad has a problem with that, that's on him."

Bonnie added that she believes Beth would have wanted her daughters at Chapman's wedding. "I believe my mother would have wanted us there. We're family. We're his flesh and blood. We should be there for a union," Bonnie said. "She [Frane] is our stepmother."

Cecily recently revealed that she broke off her own wedding plans, canceling her and fiance Matty Smith's nuptials — but not ending the relationship. "I am not getting married," Chapman told The Sun last week. While she prepares to move from Hawaii to the East Coast, she and Smith are "really spending time apart for a little bit." She said they might be apart for as much as long as two years. "I'm definitely not in a rush to get married," she said. Cecily declined to go into the specific reasons for canceling the wedding, adding that she wants to protect Smith's privacy since he is not a public figure.

Duane and Beth Chapman had two children together — daughter Bonnie and son Garry. Duane adopted Cecily, who is Beth's daughter from a previous marriage. Duane has nine other children from previous relationships and marriages. Duane met Frane following Beth's 2019 death and announced in May 2020 that they were engaged. The two are set to marry on Sept. 2. It will be his sixth marriage.