'Diesel Brothers' Season 7 Premiere Date Announced as Discovery Stars Debut New 'Diesel Nation' Show (Exclusive)

The Diesel Brothers are revving up for a "trucking huge" adventure as Heavy D and Diesel Dave prepare to bring their hijinks and unique skills in the garage to the brand new Discovery series Diesel Brothers: Diesel Nation, premiering Monday, May 25, followed by the Season 7 premiere of Diesel Brothers on Monday, June 22, PopCulture.com can exclusively announce.

Heavy D and Diesel Dave are bringing their hilarious commentary to Diesel Nation as they interview stars from across Discovery and beyond, bringing non-stop fun in epic interviews with people such as Chris Jacobs, NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal and Deadliest Catch's Jonathan Hillstrand, all while tackling new builds and challenges. In the Memorial Day premiere of Diesel Brothers: Diesel Nation, the bros look back on the high-flying live stunt from last year's Monster Jump Live while giving viewers inside details on their other record-breaking endeavors.

Joined by some of the Monster Jump Live crew, including Tanner Godfrey, Todd LeDuc and pilot Anthony Oshinuga, Heavy D and Diesel Dave will once again pay tribute to the men and women of the armed forces, as well as their families. In the weeks to come, the brothers will take on everything from what to do in a zombie apocalypse and their most high-profile clients, all leading up to some exciting Diesel Brothers news.

Season 7 of Diesel Brothers then kicks off June 22, featuring "more mega builds, epic stunts, and iconic pranks" from Heavy D, Diesel Dave and The Muscle as they put their skills to the test. There's some serious competition to come this season as well, with Todd LeDuc recruiting The Muscle for his team in a desert race against the Diesel Brothers, who need to work overtime to get their unfinished F100 in race-ready condition.


Also to come this season, Heavy D and Diesel Dave prepare to unveil Dave’s 'Monster Truck Bro Camino' at Monster Jam in Florida, while Mad Scientist Sam builds a diesel-powered monowheel vehicle known as 'The Kracken' with two tentacle-like wheels. Bringing the stunts, builds and jokes to a whole new level this season, the Diesel Brothers promise the new season will take things to a record-breaking level.

Diesel Brothers: Diesel Nation premieres Monday, May 25 at 10 p.m. ET, followed by the season premiere of Diesel Brothers on Monday, June 22 at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery. For more on Discovery's latest programming from PopCulture, click here.