'Dancing With the Stars': Sharna Burgess Reveals 28-Week Baby Bump Photo While Working Out

Sharna Burgess is officially into her third trimester as the Dancing With the Stars pro and Brian Austin Green await the birth of their first child. The dancer, 36, took to Instagram Monday to share a "bumpdate" with her fans, joking that she was "leaving the cute fun stage and headed toward the 'cut this thing out of me' stage."

As she draws closer to welcoming her firstborn, Burgess is "convinced now that I've created the next Bruce Lee," which the mom-to-be said was "the ONLY explanation for what's happening inside this belly." Moving through the rest of her pregnancy milestones and observations, Burgess continued, "Excuse the TMI but WHAT THE ACTUAL F- PREGNANCY CONSTIPATION. I genuinely thought I was going to hospital at one point."

When it comes to tying her shoes, Burgess revealed she had half-joked with Green that he would be the one having to do the job sooner rather than later, and when it comes to shaving, she's "rapidly approaching the 'I give up' stage." As baby "peanut" approaches 3 pounds in the third trimester, the Australian dancer joked, "If this kid is gonna pass 9lbs I'm scheduling a freaking C section [for real] otherwise RIP my vagina."

As she's been sharing so many details of her pregnancy journey on social media, Burgess said she's found it "most interesting" that "so many women" on social media want to "shame and harass and hardcore judge a pregnant woman." She continued, "It's sad to see and hard to understand. This whole moment is so beautiful and a LEARNING CURVE for everyone during every pregnancy. Because every pregnancy is different. Your journey isn't mine and mine isn't yours. But I love sharing my journey because I think it's beautiful and funny and special. And yet so many can't just enjoy the share, they have to pull it apart for their own... enjoyment? Validation? Justification? I'm not sure."

Despite all the negativity headed her way, Burgess said there are also plenty of women who are supportive and kind in offering advice. "Women are amazing.. what we can do is amazing. Actually we are straight up f-ing miracles for what we can do, create and endure," she wrote. "I wish we praised that more often for each other rather than criticizing a woman learning and having a human experience." With 12 more weeks to go, Burgess concluded that she is "so ready" and "also... so not."