'Counting On' Star Jessa Duggar Chided by Fans for Being 'Annoying' by Cutting Kids' Hair in Coronavirus Quarantine

Counting On star Jessa Duggar is no stranger to facing down criticism online. She and husband Ben Seewald face down a lot of the same scrutiny that many other reality stars face, amplified due to her connection to her family. Many are ready to line up and take their shot due to the last name.

Now toss in the current coronavirus pandemic and self-quarantining occurring across the globe and a new set of complaint circumstances reveal themselves. For Duggar and her family, the problem this time involved cutting her children's hair and giving some tips on quarantine cuts during the pandemic.

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"The boys' hair was getting fluffy, so it was time for a trim!" Duggar wrote on Instagram. "During this time of quarantine, if you find yourself needing to cut your boy's hair for the first time, do not be intimidated. You can do this! Isn't as complicated as it might seem. I made some simple tutorials showing how I cut my boys' hair, so if you're interested, check them out!"

The Counting On star then included a link to some tutorials and tips, but that wasn't a good addition according to some fans and critics.

"Please don't put tutorials up your not a certified hair dresser. We pay money to learn how to do this properly and get a [license]. This is not an easy thing to do properly so please don't tell people it is your not certified or skilled to make that claim. Many things could go wrong," one of the comments read, slamming Duggar's attempt at helping other mothers.


"You have a point. I'm a professional stylist as well, and she's had these hair cutting videos up long before the quarantine," another added. "It's annoying when people try to act like they know how to do something they aren't trained for. But people are desperate during this quarantine. I've given clients links from [Amazon] to get their color. And, even in normal times, some can't afford to pay for haircuts. So I see both sides."

The post itself seems harmless outside of the hair styling industry, though. And Duggar has not responded to any of the criticism over her decision according to InTouch Weekly. It's also not the first time she's faced criticism during the pandemic. Duggar previously addressed a rumor that she was not quarantining with her husband, Seewald. Her response didn't indicate any conspiracy and seemed to deflate the claims. Still, it is a prime example of the lives some reality stars must lead online.