'Counting On': Derick Dillard Tweets 'Everybody Has a Price' Amid Jim Bob Feud

Derick Dillard, the husband of Jill Duggar, has fired off a shady tweet seemingly connected to his recent comments against father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar. Dillard, 31, has been vocal about his disdain for the Duggar family patriarch, who starred in TLC's 19 Kids and Counting and appeared regularly in Counting On. Many of his issues stem from financial matters, and a Thursday night tweet feeds into that narrative.

On the same day, Dillard vented his frustrations about Counting On and Jim Bob on Instagram, he tweeted a cryptic message about the phrase "everybody has a price." While this could be a simple appreciation for a quote he liked, his earlier comments about his father-in-law seem to paint it in a different light.

On Thursday, Dillard jumped into the comments section of TLC's Instagram page. He fired off several scathing thoughts on his family's reality show, which TLC fired him from over transphobic comments in 2017. He claimed "this show is not anything close to reality" and "not accurate at all." The law student even went on to say he might "start a live stream during episodes, critiquing what is really going on in real-time."

He then entered into a discussion with another commenter about the Duggar patriarch, who fathered 19 children with wife Michelle. Dillard claimed Counting On is "still under his control, and he will attack the victims if they threaten his show." He claimed Jill, who now no longer appears on the reality series, was "humiliated and threatened" when she expressed desires to exit the show, which is currently in the 11th season.

He insinuates that the only reason Jim Bob allowed Jill to exit was that some of her younger siblings came of age and joined the show. "Now it's not dependent on us anymore to keep the show going, because more kids got married, so it's more OK if we quit," Dillard claimed.


Lastly, he made a remark about "money and ratings," which loops back into his "everybody has a price" tweet. "We have to break this culture, that cares more about money and ratings than protecting the most vulnerable," Dillard wrote. "[Jeffrey] Epstein already showed us that if you have enough money, power, and influence, you can get away with anything. Sadly, it doesn't stop with him. There are many more stories in this world that are not too different, existing in a culture where it can still thrive."