'Counting On' Alum Derick Dillard Alleges Jim Bob Duggar 'Humiliated and Threatened' Him and Wife Jill

Derick Dillard is back to criticizing father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar publicly as Counting On debuts its 11th season. The husband of Jill (Duggar) Dillard accused the Duggar patriarch of threatening and humiliating he and his wife before their 2017 exit from the TLC show after previously alleging the Duggar kids are not compensated for their appearance on the show and criticizing the way the family handled Jill's alleged sexual abuse by brother Josh.

Dillard gave his point of view on a July 8 Instagram post by TLC promoting the new season of Counting On, as first noticed by InTouch Weekly. "Really?! This show is not anything close to reality. From what we've seen, not accurate at all," Dillard commented. "Maybe I'll start a live stream during episodes, critiquing what is really going on in real-time."

The law student added to another person who complained about Jim Bob's frequent appearances on the show, "That's because [the show is] still under his control, and he will attack the victims if they threaten his show." Dillard continued that Jill was "humiliated and threatened" when they first tried not to film. "Now it's not dependent on us anymore to keep the show going, because more kids got married, so it's more OK if we quit," he continued.

The former TLC personality, whom the network severed ties with officially back in 2017 after his transphobic statements about Jazz Jennings, made it clear he only has problems with Jim Bob, writing that he "sure hopes" Jill's other siblings break free of his influence.

Dillard had gone on a brief hiatus from criticizing his wife's family, but said in the comments he was speaking up again because of how everything with the show had "messed up his family." He accused the network of canceling 19 Kids and Counting to be "politically correct," when Josh Duggar's molestation scandal surfaced in 2015, but then bringing it back with Counting On, because "the money was too good."


He broadly condemned the show and Jim Bob Duggar, concluding, "We have to break this culture, that cares more about money and ratings than protecting the most vulnerable. [Jeffrey] Epstein already showed us that if you have enough money, power, and influence, you can get away with anything. Sadly, it doesn't stop with him. There are many more stories in this world that are not too different, existing in a culture where it can still thrive."