'Celebrity Big Brother': Carson Kressley Reveals Where Friendship With Todrick Hall Stands After Finale (Exclusive)

The finale for Season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother proved to be quite the tense one. Due to some of his comments and actions in the house, the celebrity houseguests voted for Miesha Tate to win over Todrick Hall in a nearly unanimous vote. Carson Kressley was one of the seven houseguests who did vote for Tate, despite the fact that he had a friendship with Hall before the season began. During a recent chat with PopCulture.com, Kressley explained his decision to vote for Tate and shared some background on where his friendship with Hall stands today.

PopCulture.com spoke with Kressley nearly a week after the finale. Amidst all of the excitement during the finale, including Kressley's win for America's Favorite Houseguest, there was also a great deal of tension between the jurors and Hall. Even though he and Hall had a friendship outside of the house, the RuPaul's Drag Race judge said that he decided to vote for Tate because of her dominance in the game. According to him, the decision was actually an "easy" one because of the fact that the professional fighter won numerous competitions in the house. He said, "I just think, in the spirit of the game, we're supposed to vote for the person who played the best game and I think that Miesha did that."

Tate may have dominated the physical side of the game, but her social game wasn't exactly top-tier. However, it was an easier decision to give the $250,000 to Tate because she was seated next to Hall, whose social game was "probably even worse," according to Kressley. Since there were so many things going on during the finale, Kressley did not get a chance to have a conversation with Hall about the game aside from a "brief" chat. While many of his fellow houseguests have shared their unfiltered thoughts on Hall and his behavior, the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alum isn't ready to throw in the towel on their friendship just yet. 

Kressley explained that he hasn't spoken with Hall since the finale. But, he noted that the singer does have his number and that he would be open to having a talk with him about what went down during the course of the season. Regardless of whether they do have that conversation in the near future, Kressley is hoping that Hall will take some time to understand why several members of the jury were so upset by some of his comments. 

"He (Hall) has my number, he's more than welcome to call me at any point," Kressley said. "I hope he would watch the show and see how he came off and maybe understand that it was upsetting to other people. I am not upset ... My only wish for him is that he would see the show and see maybe some of the things that upset people and try to make it right. That's all, and you just move on. But, it's not worth losing a friendship over. So, should he decide to reach out, I'm always here."