'Celebrity Big Brother': Chris Kirkpatrick Reveals Biggest 'Bully' From This Season

Chris Kirkpatrick has some bitterness from his eviction on Celebrity Big Brother. The N*Sync singer was evicted on Friday, Feb. 11. He was voted out unanimously during his ally, Miesha Tate's, Head of Household reign. Initially, Carson Kressley and RHOA Cynthia Bailey were nominated, but Kirkpatrick suggested that his friend former beauty pageant contestant Shanna Moakler use the Veto on Kressley in hopes of getting Dif'frent Strokes star Todd Bridges on the block and evicted. Despite it being risky, he still did so, and Tate nominated Kirkpatrick instead. But he doesn't have regrets about the way he handled things.

"I could have said, 'Yes, if Carson's on the block, I am voting him out.' But I felt like that was even deceiving so I had to not tell her, and by [not] telling her, I know that I told her because we did have this honest relationship," he told Us Weekly. "When I knew I was getting voted out, it was hard watching her just upset with me. That's what really killed me."

But what bothers him the most is his interaction with singer Toddrick Hall. Things became tense between the two as eviction drew close. Hall wanted Kirkpatrick on the block. 

"I mean, the way he talked to me [Thursday], it wasn't a surprise. I think it was very hurtful, and it's hard when someone plays a victim all the time, and is a bully," Kirkpatrick said. "And that's how I felt, like, especially coming out of it. I felt horrible, I felt I did Todrick completely wrong. And then when I came out, and everybody was talking about Todrick the way they were, I was like, 'So I wasn't crazy?'"

Per Kirkpatrick, Hall hit below the belt during their drama. "I think it hurt when he brought my family [into it]...We were talking about something when he started talking about my son and how my son is gonna be embarrassed by me, and all these things. And that really hurt. That's the only time I actually fought back and I was like, 'I'm sorry, what did you just say?' Because he just said it walking away. And he goes, 'Oh you heard me.' And I was just kinda like, 'You bring my family into this and we've got problems because this is a game.' In the end, it's a game," he explained.