'Celebrity Big Brother' Winner Miesha Tate Apologizes to Shanna Moakler: 'I Made a Mistake' (Exclusive)

Professional fighter Miesha Tate has a lot to say about her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Tate, who won the third season of the competition, found herself in the midst of most of the drama and action in the house. In particular, Tate was at the center of a dilemma with Shanna Moakler, leading her to make some controversial comments about the reality star. After leaving the house, Tate had time to reflect on everything that went down and told PopCulture.com exclusively that she wants to take "responsibility" for what she said during her time in the competition. 

When asked whether she wanted to have a conversation with Moakler after the game, Tate replied that she does think that she needs to. She also explained that the "pressure cooker" that is the Celebrity Big Brother house had a significant effect on her. As a result of being in such an overwhelming situation, she shared some comments about Moakler, ones that she would like to take responsibility for looking back on it now. Tate said, "I would like to take responsibility for that right off the bat. You know what, I was in a pressure cooker type of situation, and it wasn't how I feel like I'd normally be, but I need to take responsibility for what I said and how I carried myself."

While Tate still needs to go back and watch the season, she knows that she "did say some things about Shanna." The former UFC Women's Bantamweight champion went on to say that she took to heart the way that Moakler played the game. However, since she wasn't totally versed in Big Brother, she didn't know that this strategy was a "normal" one. Now that she has had time to reflect on the situation and learn more about the game, she has a different perspective. 

"It felt like it was a big deal at the time, but it really wasn't. It was a game, and however she wanted to play, it was the way she was allowed to play it," Tate explained. "She's beautiful — I've always said that from the very beginning — she's a beautiful woman. I don't think I should have said anything about that or picked on her at all in any way for how she wanted to carry herself in the house. And I think that was more of me just looking at this as a competition and I was like... I can't even justify it. I was just mad. I wanted to have it be played the way I wanted it to be played because I was naive. I didn't understand the ways it could be played." The Celebrity Big Brother winner added that she "got a little carried away" while in the house and that, "I'm human and I think I made a mistake."

Tate said that it wasn't her intention to "hurt anybody's feelings" while playing the game. As a result, she does want to have a conversation with Moakler so that she can apologize. She continued, "I'm a mother. I want my daughter to grow up to respect people of all different walks of life. I'm always telling her, even at 3 years old, 'Don't judge anybody.' And I made a mistake, and I would like to say that I'm sincerely sorry to Shanna, particularly, for that."