'Buy It or Build It': Twin Brothers Chris and Calvin LaMont Talk Their Journey to HGTV (Exclusive)

Twin brothers Chris and Calvin LaMont are helping families realize their homeowning dreams as HGTV's newest stars present them with two possibilities – Buy It or Build It. Following the series premiere Wednesday, May 18, the LaMont brothers opened up to PopCulture.com about making their dreams – and the dreams of their clients – come true. 

During each episode of Buy It or Build It, the brothers will help their families determine if they should renovate an existing home to fit their lifestyle or build a completely new home that's customized to exactly what they're looking for. On the "buy it" side is Chris, who finds properties with the potential to work for their clients and designs a budget to give them a whole new look. On the "build it" side is Calvin, who wows them with sketches of a newly-built home with the same price point.

It's been a long road for Chris and Calvin, who opened a janitorial and floor cleaning company in Dallas in 2010, moving on to a water restoration business before finally achieving their dreams of building and flipping homes around 2015. "We came to Dallas with a hope and a dream," Chris told PopCulture, adding of their start in the home industry, "All the realtors were like, 'You're like the Property Brothers!'"

The twins first took those comments as a laugh, but when more people got behind the idea of the LaMont brothers taking their talents to TV, they started thinking more seriously about giving their own show a go. Now, after more than 10 years of working hard, sacrificing, and always taking the opportunity to learn more, Calvin and Chris are living their dream and helping their clients to do the same.

The decision to "buy it" or "build it" best comes down to the situation every person is in, the brothers admit, but that doesn't keep them from having a little brotherly competitive spirit. "We're always keeping tabs," Calvin shared. "We're very competitive." Chris chimed in, "We're real brothers, so obviously we're gonna tell each other the truth."


While the two have their own tallies going, they keep the spirit of the show "100% fun and positive," and know that their being family helps clients feel "more relaxed" choosing one option over the other. The brothers even pitched the idea of getting together with Property Brothers twins Jonathan and Drew Scott and Unsellable Houses twins Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis for some kind of twin swap competition show, although they kept mum on whom of their fellow twins they'd want to team up with.

Entering the HGTV space, Chris said it's important that viewers know not only that they "actually do what we say we do," but that they know their dedication to building communities and helping more people own quality homes. Buy It or Build It airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.