'Brother Vs. Brother': Jonathan Scott Pranks Twin Drew With Inflatable Dancers in Exclusive Clip

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott's prank war continues on Brother vs. Brother. In an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, which will air on Wednesday, Sept. 30, it's Jonathan's turn to play a prank on his twin brother. To play a joke on his brother, Jonathan utilizes a little help from some inflatable dancers, leading to an incredibly hilarious moment between the HGTV stars.

As Jonathan explains in the above clip, he got some help from his "friends" to try and slow Drew down as he works on his own project at a corner chateau. When Drew arrived at the location to check out the status of his project, he was met with a ton of inflatable dancers, ones that you might see at a car dealership. The funniest part about the whole prank is that Jonathan indeed committed to his role as an inflatable dancer as he donned an outfit to blend in with the other objects in the room. Drew then asked his brother what the whole prank situation was about, to which Jonathan jokingly replied that they wanted to show him how low the ceilings are in Drew's place compared to his own.

"One, you look ridiculous. Two, you're not supposed to be spying on my place!" Drew said. Jonathan eventually left the location (still in his inflatable costume) to give his brother some time to inspect the space. In the end, the prank may have sparked more than a few laughs, but, as Drew explained, it was not enough to slow him down. He said, "Did Jonathan really think that a bunch of inflatable figures dancing in my bedroom is gonna slow me down? No! His feeble pranks can't stop us from rocking this main bedroom suite."


Brother vs. Brother is a six-week competition series that sees Drew and Jonathan competing as they renovate and restore multi-million dollar homes in the Hancock Park area. The twin brothers' elder brother, J.D. Scott serves as the referee for the challenge. This new season was filmed back in October 2019, long before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as USA Today reported. Jonathan won the past two seasons of the show. Drew is reportedly hoping that the Hancock Park area will give him a home-field advantage to pull out a win this season. "I wanted to win so bad because two years of [Jonathan] gloating is not a fun thing for anybody," he said. "Here in Hancock Park, this is my chance to have the upper hand."