'Bling Empire': Kevin Kreider Immediately Loses Cartier Ring Gifted From Christine Chiu

Bling Empire star Kevin Kreider's trip out to sea ended with a minor catastrophe when he dropped a luxury Cartier ring in the ocean just minutes after getting it as a gift from co-star Christine Chiu. Kane Lim revealed the hilarious mishap on Instagram Stories Monday, according to The Sun, joking about Kreider's incident during a cast yacht party.

Lim shared in the story that the Netflix reality star "dropped his Cartier into the ocean," and was heard laughing as he called out his co-star's name in exasperation. Kreider, meanwhile, was clearly distraught at the accident, saying, "That was the only Cartier I got!" Lim then revealed that it was Chiu who purchased the expensive jewelry for her co-stars, joking, "You get one. Everyone gets Cartier."

Chèrie Chan Siu-Ha also joked about what had gone down in the caption of a video that showed the cast cheering from the boat. "Sunday Funday with love #BlingEmpire family," she began. "So grateful for them. We laugh, we cry together. At the end of the day they've become my family and we are destined to be friends." She also noted that everyone tested negative for coronavirus before getting together, noting that some of them hadn't reunited since 2019 due to the pandemic.

"[Kevin] donated some priceless jewelry to some lucky dolphins today," she even added cheekily. Kreider added on his Instagram Story after the loss of his Cartier made headlines, joking that word got out "fast" about his bling accident. "Lucky dolphins have my Cartier ring," he later captioned a video of the marine life swimming under the boat.

People have been binging Bling Empire on Netflix since the glamorous reality show was released on the streaming service last month. Chiu, the show's couture enthusiast, immediately became known for her luxury tastes and designer closet but told Vogue in a new interview that she actually focused more on philanthropy over the past year due to the pandemic.


"I stepped away because at that moment, I felt the industry could do just fine without my participation, and the money could be better utilized elsewhere," she shared. "There is a sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a new president in office and the vaccine rollout, we are all entering a new chapter. I felt enthusiastic and ready to start collecting again."