Blake Shelton Reveals Why He Didn't Invite Adam Levine to His and Gwen Stefani's Wedding

Uninvited! Blake Shelton is revealing the reason he didn't invite Adam Levine to his and Gwen Stefani's July wedding, joking that his former The Voice rival and longtime friend got himself removed from the guest list because of a comment about his relationship. The "God's Country" singer continued his back-and-forth with the Maroon 5 frontman on the Dec. 6 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

He told DeGeneres, "That's the reason we didn't invite him to the wedding is that interview he did on your show. It's like, 'I'm not inviting him.'" The interview Shelton was referring to was Levine's April appearance on Ellen, in which he joked, "I don't support their marriage. She's so cool, and he's not." The "She Will Be Loved" singer continued with a smile, "I'll go to the wedding, and I'll object. I will probably not be invited, now that I'm saying this on live television, but I'll be there, somehow."

As for if Levine's comments really got him uninvited from the wedding or if he never had plans to appear, Shelton smiled and said simply, "Well, we'll never know." He continued of his decision, "I purposely did not invite Adam Levine to my wedding – and I think it's funny."

Levine might not have been invited to the ceremony even before his interview, as Shelton estimated that only about 30 people in total attended the July 3 wedding, which includes people like the wedding planner and photographer who were working the ceremony. The Voice host Carson Daly officiated the ceremony, held in Oklahoma on the country star's ranch, and Stefani's sons – Kingston, 15, Zuma,12, and Apollo, 7, whom she shares with ex Gavin Rossdale – were involved in the ceremony in a special way. 


Shelton revealed to DeGeneres that the ceremony was absolutely stunning, but he didn't have much to do with the planning stage of his wedding. "I was like 'What do I know about any of that stuff?'" he told the host. "It was all her idea, her vision. All I had to do was drink and kiss Gwen Stefani. My God, that's the greatest gig I ever had."