'Big Brother': Key Player Wins Veto, Goes Against His Alliance

The Power of Veto is once again up for grabs in the Big Brother 22 house. On Sunday night's episode, Memphis Garrett nominated Nicole Anthony and David Alexander for eviction. But, who won the Power of Veto, and, subsequently, the power to alter Memphis' nominations?

On Wednesday night, six players competed in the Power of Veto competition — Memphis, Nicole A., and David, alongside three houseguests who were chosen by random draw, Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel, and Ian Terry. Ultimately, Memphis emerged victorious following the competition. While many of the houseguests, including players in the Head of Household's alliance, tried to get him to implement a backdoor (where one of the nominees would be taken down only to be replaced by another houseguest), Memphis decided to keep his nominations the same. As a result, either Nicole A. or David will become the second houseguest evicted from the Big Brother: All-Stars house on Thursday.

During the first eviction of the season, which took place on Thursday, Aug. 13, Keesha Smith became the first houseguest evicted. Keesha, who previously competed on Big Brother 10, has since spoken out about her brief time in the Big Brother house. As she explained to TV Guide, she was not surprised that she was evicted by a unanimous vote, as the former contestant explained that many of the houseguests are laying low at the moment. "Nobody has drawn lines in the sand, so to speak. So, I knew that the house was going to do a unanimous vote," Keesha told the publication. "I even told people who I knew I had their vote, 'Just go with the house because you have to stay in here. You have to continue to play this game.' I wanted to make sure that they're OK."


As for why she believes the contestants aren't making any big moves, Keesha explained that it's simply because they all have already played before and know how the game works. "I believe it's because we've all been here before," she said. "We're all older now. And we know how this thing goes. Nobody wants to be the first one to be that outgoing personality and give other people a reason to want them out of the house. So, everyone is trying to play the quiet game; everybody's got the lay-low game right now." Even though she's out of the house, Keesha is still rooting for some of her former housemates to win it all. She shared that she has high hopes for Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, and Da'Vonne Rogers as they strive to win the $500,000 grand prize.