'Big Brother 22': First Veto Ceremony Leaves 2 Beloved All-Stars in Danger of Eviction

On Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother 22, the Power of Veto came into play. The Head of Household, Cody Calafiore, previously nominated two houseguests, Keesha Smith and Kevin Campbell, for eviction. So, who won the Power of Veto, and was it used to save one of the two houseguests nominated?

Six players competed in the Power of Veto competition — Cody, Keesha, Kevin, and the three players chosen by random draw, Ian Terry, Tyler Crispen, and Enzo Palumbo. While this was a necessary competition for one of the two nominees to win, Enzo emerged as the winner and captured the power of veto for himself. Even though Kevin did chose him to play in the competition, Enzo ultimately decided not to use the power of veto on either of the two nominees. As a result, either Kevin or Keesha, two fan-favorites whom fans were excited to see on their screens once more, will be the first one evicted from the Big Brother: All Stars house on Thursday night.

Sixteen former Big Brother players returned to the house for Season 22, which premiered on Aug. 5. This installment marks the second time that the show has had an All-Stars season, as Big Brother 7 also saw a house full of returning competitors striving for the $500,000 grand prize. Since this season is taking place during the coronavirus pandemic, the houseguests previously adhered to strict safety precautions before heading into the Big Brother house. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, which took place before the premiere, host Julie Chen Moonves explained the new rules for this season.

"As we speak right now, they're quarantining by themselves in homes that we've rented for them," Chen Moonves shared at the time. "They're getting tested every few days. They will go in once they've been clean and clear for at least 14 days, and then even once they get in the house, they're still going to be tested. They have no contact with anyone." (As seen on the live feeds on Tuesday, the houseguests were indeed tested for the coronavirus.) While there are necessary precautions in place, fans can rest assured that this season of Big Brother will still be similar to past seasons of the longtime reality competition. Chen Moonves even added, "If you ask me, once you're in the Big Brother house, it might be one of the safest places to be."