'Big Brother' Couple Breaks Up

Another Big Brother showmance has come to an end. Christian Birkenberger and Alyssa Lopez of Big Brother 23 may have found a connection within the house, but their short-lived romance left them realizing they're better off friends. Birkenberger, 23, and Lopez, 24, told Us Weekly Tuesday that their decision to split actually came only 48 hours after they made their relationship official during the finale.

"Christian and I are just friends," Lopez told the outlet. "We realize leaving the show that I have a career and he has to focus on his career, and we have barely any time to hang out with friends. So, having a relationship just isn't something that we're able to do." Birkenberger echoed, "We just decided friends was probably a safer alternative for both of us, for now at least."

The two described the breakup as a "mutual decision," even collaborating on the cryptic tweet Birkenberger posted on Oct. 2 reading, "What does Chrisalyss & Wet cement have in common...? It only lasts 48hrs," along with two laughing emojis. "We wanted to make it funny," Lopez explained, admitting it might have been confusing to followers looking back. "We were on the plane giggling about it."

Once the two decided to simply be friends, "the pressure was gone," and they've been able to enjoy their friendship outside the house. "It wasn't like 'it has to work,'" Lopez continued of the pressure they both felt. "It was more so me being in there locked away for so long and coming out and not just me and Christian being in the relationship. The fact that there's hundreds of thousands of people being in the relationship too and wanting to know our every move, that was very new to me and kind of overwhelming."


The swimsuit designer added if "there's anything that's going to happen in the future, him and I just want it to be him and I." Right now, the two are just friends, but are looking to keep whatever kind of relationship they have "private." She continued, "We're not closing that door because you never know what could happen and you should never close the door with anyone, I don't think, because who knows what could happen. But, as of right now, we are just strictly friends."