'Big Brother' 2021: Frenchie's HOH Reign Gets Messier After Power of Veto Competition

Big Brother 2021 is only three episodes in, but drama is already being stirred up. Head of Household Frenchie's first nominations confused fellow houseguests and fans alike, and Wednesday night's episode — airing on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ — saw things get shaken up with the first Power of Veto of Big Brother Season 23. Continue on to learn what went down. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Frenchie nominated Kyland and Alyssa, noting that his target was Alyssa. She floated into Frenchie's crosshairs due to a perceived coziness with Christian. (Frenchie zeroed in on Christian as his initial target, but Christian won a Wildcard Competition and earned immunity for himself and Xavier.) At the beginning of Wednesday night's episode, Frenchie quickly realized Christian and Alyssa weren't actually a showmance, despite his suspicions. He voiced regrets for tossing her on the block.

After hearing an off-hand conversation through a door, Frenchie then turned his paranoia up a notch, accusing Derek X. and Travis of forming an alliance against him. It was clear that they were his new targets (despite previously promising Travis safety), but his game plan was knocked off course yet again during the Veto competition.

In addition to the HOH and nominees, Tiffany, Derek X. and Travis (Kyland's Houseguest's Choice pick) were selected to take part. The contestants then had to solve a puzzle that involved dropping a small ball down a ramp, guiding it through certain points along the way using large pieces of fruit. Derek X. That meant one of Frenchie's backdoor targets was out of play, in what the Tennessee native called "the worst case" for his game.

Derek X. ended up saving Kyland from the block. With limited options, Frenchie diverted to the other person he was suspicious of that week, Travis. This replacement means that Travis and Alyssa and the current nominees, and one of them will be evicted (and out of the running for the record-breaking $750,000 prize) from the Big Brother house on Thursday night's live show.

(Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

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